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The Interco Super Swamper TSL / ATV is the ATV tire designed with absolute performance in mind. A the TSL/ATV packs a combination of hot performance in slushy, muddy or snowy conditions while giving excellent grip and forward bite on packed terrain and a smooth comfortable ride as well. As an added safety feature, the lateral traction of the Super Swamper TSL/ATV has been reduced to allow the tire to skid sideways which decreases the chances of rollover in overly tight turns, though this tire still corners with great stability. The TSL ATV is another truly exceptional mud tire for your ATV from the experienced folks at Super Swamper that also performs well in varied terrain...this is the tire that opened up a whole new world to the ATV enthusiast!

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Super Swamper TSL/ATV Specs

Size Interco Number Weight Tread Ply Skid Depth Tread Width O.D. C.S. Rim Max PSI Max Load
25x9.50-12 ATV-07 21 4 26/32 9.0 25.0 9.20 12x7 5 355 lbs.
27x12.00-12 ATV-23 34 4 32/32 11.3 27.4 12.50 12x7 5 480 lbs.