Race Tech

Race Tech

Race Tech is a world-renowned manufacturer of
diverse shocks and shock systems for ATV and UTV Applications.
These shocks, valves and shock kits are made from the materials and
totally equipped with extensive materials in giving precisions and suitable shocks
to all ATV and UTV riders and enthusiasts. Quality, precession and reliable shocks and shocks kits
and valves are here!
These are the best sections of Race Tech product-lines for ATV and UTV applications. These are the quality and well-defined ATV parts for better suspension system with god calibrated. They are highly recommended to all vehicle manufacturers that has ATV and UTV vehicles. Highly recommended to all ATV users, riders and enthusiast for better suppress suspension and stable riding.

Race Tech Shocks

Race Series and Sport Series is Race Tech’s terminology to describe two different set-up styles. Both makes use of multiply springs for a progressive feel and are also unique yet one is not being better or worse than the other. It’s basically the rider’s choice considering riding type and personal preference.

Sport Series (P200). It refers to Race Tech’s pre-loaded set-up. Sport Series puts the ride height close to stock. This is a dual spring set-up. Typical applications for Sport Series include, but are not limited to, desert racing and recreational riding where maximum active travel and ground clearance are required.

Race Series (P300). This refers to Race Tech’s no pre-load set-up. Race Series allows the ATV to sit lower than stock without sacrificing wheel travel. Ride height is fully adjustable to compensate for various track conditions. equired.

Race Tech Gold Valves

Aiming to ha have a top ATV and UTV suspension performance, it means a need of superb firmness and bottoming resistance with plushness at the same time is needed! Race Tech Gold Valves are the precisions valves to support and add additional suspension tuners to make the suspension system really work.

A bike should track straight and true. Even the best suspension tuners can only make the stock valving design work so well. The Gold Valve Shock Suspension System is a proven bolt-on shock valving system that improves control, traction, performance and bottoming resistance. Race Tech designed and developed these valves to have a competitive shock suspension system that can easily maintain and controlled.


Race Tech