RK Chain

RK Chain

Looking for heavy-duty and precisions ATV Chains in replaced with the old and rugged ATV chains that rusted over the years? Search no more! Only RK Chains provides the chains that anyone can dream on.

All RK Heavy Duty & Sealed-ring Motocross chains and ATV chains are utilize with special heat treated hi-carbon steel components with solid rollers and bushings, then pre-stressed and pre-stretched for maximum performance and safety purpose. They are made of the highest-grade alloy steel, making these chains as the best chains in racing and off-road activities.

RK Racing Chains is known for their heavy-duty and durable chains. Commonly used for motorcycle and ATVs replacement chains, custom made to fit all different models
giving them the necessary upgrade with maximum functionality.

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Regina Chain Chains progress depends on their innovative and maximum functionally over different application such as ATV performance enhancements. If seeking for the best, constantly meets our demands and has the performance to achieved our needs. Regina Chains products are the advanced and innovative performance parts that anyone can imagine.