Pro Grip
ATV Grips

Pro Grip’s history in the motorcycle industry dates back all the way to 1925, when the Italian Plastiche Cassano Company, owner of the Pro Grip trademark, began making handlebar grips from buffalo bone. As the company progressed into plastic materials after WWII, grips and products became more sophisticated and application-specific, and in 1960 the company began to manufacture a product line which would become the Pro Grip trademark line.

Today, Pro Grip represents a comprehensive line of motocross racing gear and accessories, with products including jerseys, gloves, jackets, armor, helmets, youth apparel, eyewear and hard part accessories. While Pro Grip’s line of MX and racing gear has grown into a wide range of products, Pro Grip continues to be best known for its grips, handlebars and hard parts; Pro Grip makes high performance grips for a wide number of applications within the motorbike and bicycle industries. Pro Grip gel grips conform to the rider’s hand while providing the traction and stability for endurance races, whether they be on the track or in the field. Pro Grip goggles and Pro Grip gloves are also at the top of the MX industry for quality and innovation. Sponsoring teams like Husqvarna, Kawasaki and DFX Corse Superbike on the MX race track, Pro Grip remains one of the most important manufacturers of MX gear and bike accessories in the industry.