Norrec Industries Driveline

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As part of the growing industries, we offer premium products that ATV and UTV must have. Norrec Industries LLC in one of the trusted brands or manufacturer for drive train products for off-road vehicles including the ATVs, UTVs, Karts and Kei Mini-Truck. Known for their drive train parts and components, we offer Norrec Undutries product lines are amazing price and affordable enough to have. We have their complete lines of products kits and tools such as; Fast Boot Universal Kits, Universal Boot Clamp Kit and Quick Shot Tool.

One of these days, try these amazing ATV driveline products as substitute to old and rusty drive train parts and have the comfortable and smooth ride that anyone can imagine!


Fast-Boot is a premium quality CV Boot that provides virtually total coverage for All Terrain Vehicles, Utility Vehicles, Karts and K Mini-trucks.  Made from premium quality rubber to minimize abrasion wear and provide a long service life, heady duty enough to support all ATVsThe patented design gives a continuous convoluted design to more evenly distribute wear and minimize flex fatigue. The complete kit includes a boot, stainless steel clamps, CV grease, banding tool and detailed instructions.

Quick Shot Tool Kit

The Quick-Shot is a heavy-duty and reliable pneumatic CV boot installation tool designed for the quick installation of Fast-Boot CV boots. The Quick-Shot / Fast-Boot combination provides the awesome, fastest, cleanest and most effortless method possible to replace a CV boot on most ATV, UTV, Kart or Mini-truck manufactured from 1985 models to current vehicles model.

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