Kenda ATV Tires

Kenda ATV Tires

Kenda ATV Tires Get 20% Off and Free Shipping! Kenda ATV Tires have established their name and brand to be one of the most reputable in the industry.For 40 years, they have been built and tested by the best. Kenda's team of knowledgeable and passionate people, rethink past features and develop new innovative tires that not only look good but also offer superior performance. With every Tire, you can count on quality materials that will give you top performance every time you hit the trails. Check out our complete line of Kenda ATV Tires and take advantage of our Huge Savings.

Kenda ATV Sport Tires

Kenda ATV Sport Tires have been specifically designed to meet the demands of the strongest, long distance riders. With the help of these Tires, riders will one of the industries most advanced sport tire on but also a selection race ready tire types that some of which have been developed on the ATV Pro MX racing circuit. Once you start riding with Kenda Tires, you’ll feel and see an immediate difference not only in your lap time but also in the improved handling that your ATV will now posses. Many riders who do long distance cross-country ATV races consistently talk about how one of the most key factors in their success is the quality and of their tires. That’s why we recommend for serious riders who want the best in both longevity and performance equip yourself with something that is going to put you in first, Sport Tires!

Kenda Bearclaw EVO
From $ 78.25
Kenda Klaw MX
From $ 30.71
Kenda Klaw XC
From $ 71.58
Kenda Knarly XC Sport
From $ 53.65
Kenda Kutter II
From $ 73.15
Kenda Kutter MX
From $ 77.22
Kenda Kutter XC
From $ 71.32
Kenda Parker DT
From $ 54.81
Kenda Snow Mad
From $ 65.09
Kenda ATV Sport Radial Tires

Kenda ATV Sport Radial Tires Feature multiple pattern types to help riders meet the toughest challenges; Sport Radial tires feature unwavering performance when you need it the most. Riders often find that during intense and high speed racing getting power from the motor to the road is often harder then anticipated; Kenda sport radial tires feature advanced engineering detailed tire tread that has been tested and designed to give you grip when you need it and help you get ahead of the game!

Kenda Utility Radial Tires

Kenda ATV Utility Tires have been around for a long time and have an established reputation of being one of the best all around ATV tires. Kenda utility tires feature their all time best selling Kenda bear claw tire which is a great all purpose tire that is extremely durable and is one of the best selling ATV tires of all time. Some of these Kenda tires feature a puncture resistant construction. Summed up utility tires are highly renowned tires that have different features including shoulder lugs. For an all purpose tire that has the extra grip to get you through some of the roughest obstacles and help get you more traction Kenda tires are your only choice.

Kenda O.E. Replacement Tires

Kenda ATV OE Replacement Tires are exactly that, quality replacement ATV tires that are versatile enough to handle harsh conditions. Kenda OE replacement tires are available in a variety of sizes and are known throughout the industry to be the best replacement tires available. Kenda is the producer of the well renowned and famous FrontMax Original Equipment tire which is arguably one of the most popular tires on the market today. Should you be looking for a quality replacement for your stuck ATV tire, then look no further then Kenda OE replacement tires. A step ahead of the game and a leap ahead of the competitors, no other manufacturer of OE replacement ATV tires makes the same quality and versatile tires as Kenda OE replacement tires. Be sure to save money and buy today for our special of 20% off and free shipping! We have the lowest prices on Kenda OE replacement tires on the web!

Kenda Dominator
From $ 64.21
Kenda Front Max
From $ 53.08
Kenda Pathfinder Utility
From $ 43.75
Kenda Scorpion
From $ 29.00
Kenda Hard Surface Turf Tires

Kenda ATV Hard Surface and ATV Turf Tires are for those who use their ATV on hard surfaces such as aslphalt, while the Turf Tires work great on grass. There is no other choice than Kenda for hard surface performance.These tires feature thick and heavy duty rubber Kenda hard surface tires are made for abrasive and hot surface often associated with the asphalt and concrete. The Kenda Road Go series tire features a unique tread design that not only improves traction on wet surface but also reduces noise. For those who are looking for high speed, the Kenda Speed Racer tires are uniquely designed for dual purpose racing and have increased longevity on hard surfaces.

Kenda Road Go
From $ 63.64
Kenda Speed Racer
From $ 60.24
Kenda Sand Dune Tires

Kenda ATV Sand Tires and Kenda ATV Dune Tires. Are you spinning your wheels? That’s probably because you don’t have a set of Kenda tires which feature deep thick rubber flaps to help you your ATV grab and eat its way through the sand. Kenda has been developing quality sand / dune tires for decades and have constantly created industry leading sand / dune tires that deliver what serious ATV riders need the most. Whether you are going for speed in the dunes or trying burying your friends in the sand, Kenda tires feature amazing rigidity so their usage is long lived and the fun they give you are well remembered! So before you hit the dune and eat some sand be sure you have Kenda tires.

Kenda Dune Runner
From $ 57.07
Kenda Sand Gecko
From $ 35.29
Kenda ATV Tires Articles and Reviews (3)
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Since 1962, Kenda tires has been testing and building new ATV tire models for the market. The results of Kenda’s innovation have helped the firm get recognized as a forerunner in the ATV tire industry. This innovation has involved the use of high quality material that guarantees reliable usage for longer periods. Due to the unmatched quality of the material of these tires, many long distance ATV riders have established a firm preference for Kenda’s line of tires. Read More...
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For several decades, Kenda Tires has been a brand name. Other companies have tried to keep up with Kenda tires unique technology. The tires casing fabric feature varying thickness as well as threads per inch. Typically, the higher the TPI number, the easier the sidewall will flex and feel. This enables you to enjoy a more comfortable ride. Furthermore, the casings have been treated as well as reinforced with different kinds of materials for enhanced puncture resistance and ride qualities.
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Kenda wheels are high quality rubber wheels made for great, handling and maximum litheness on the road. They offer superior comfort and built for maximum wet traction to allow for firmer grip and prevent skidding. Kenda KR-50 CUV tires are fuel-efficient wheels perfect for ideal braking and reducing noise on the road. They are perfect for all types of terrains: from muddy terrains, off-road trails and sandy dunes for maximum enjoyable drives through the road.

Kenda ATV Tires are great for all occasions; whether you’re hitting the trails, dunes, mud, or other types of terrains, know that they will allow you to enjoy your adventure to its fullest. 4WheelOnine is a proud Authorized Retailers for Kenda and is able to offer you the Lowest Prices - 20% off - and Free Shipping. Browse through our complete line and find the tires that are right for you.

Kenda ATV Tires will enhance your ATV’s appearance and performance. Kenda has Tires for all occasions including: sport, sand dune and hard surface riding, O.E replacement and much more. 4 Wheel Online is the largest retailer of Kenda Tires. View our Entire Line of ATV Tires! We carry all the top manufacturers of ATV Tires. Great Service and even Free Shipping on several select brands. When you shop with us, you can count on HUGE Savings!