Fuel And Air-Jets

Jet products here are developed to deal in monitoring equipment to insure all Jet kits and modules are tuned for the maximum torque and horsepower gains throughout the RPM band and increase power and smoothness throughout the entire rev range, while maintaining an optimum fuel economy. The programming changes to each Jet kit are extensive and include modified to spark advance tables, air fuel ratio modification, shift improvement in electronic automatic transmission and various other parameters to optimize the torque and horsepower curve for everyone application on every off-road vehicle.

Intended for every motorcycle with a stock engine using the stock airbox, air filter and stock pipe. Jet kits here are fully adjustable to allow the use of a well designed aftermarket pipes and stock replacement air filters of every off-road vehicle brand and each kit are designed to improve throttle response and drivability and in most cases power increased throughout the entire power range can be achieved.
Each Jet Kit from our selected aftermarket manufacturers includes comprehensive instructions, which show step-by-step installation and testing procedures to ensure a perfect setup every time. Feel free to choose from our selected jet products.

Stage 1 kits: Designed for ATVs with stock engines using the stock airbox, air filter and stock or after-market exhaust. Improve throttle response and driveability. Power increases of approximately 5% throughout the entire power range.
Stage 2 kits: Designed for ATVs with stock or mildly modified engines using well designed stock or aftermarket exhausts with a modified airbox and stock or replacement air filter. For applications where individual air filters cannot be installed and where airbox modifications improve overall engine performance. A power increase of 8% can be achieved in most cases.
Stage 3 kits: Designed for ATVs with stock or mildly modified engines using individual air filters and a stock or aftermarket exhaust. In most cases power increases 10-15%; driveability may be compromised in short-stroke high RPM motors. On some modern engine and airbox designs, individual filters and proper jetting offer no performance improvement and compromise driveability (stage 3 kits are not available in such cases).