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ITP Tires

ITP tires has gathered all their key players together to develop the most intricate product on the aftermarket. Using the skills of their engineers, designers, and technicians, ITP has taken tires to new standards. ITP tires uses the years of knowledge and experience to their advantage to produce the best performance ATV Tires on the market. Currently ITP has two separate plants in the United State, in Clinton, Tennessee and Carlisle, Pennsylvania. ITP also has several facilities offshore to help keep up with the demands of customers.

ITP Tires
ITP Tires - ATV / UTV
ITP Dune Star
Loose Sand
ITP Holeshot
General Trail Riding and Hard-Pack Motocross
ITP Holeshot GNCC
General Trail Riding and Woods Racing
ITP Holeshot HD
Rocky Trail, Desert, Muddy Trail and Woods Racing
ITP Holeshot MXR6
Soft-Surface Motocross
ITP Holeshot XC
General Trail Riding
ITP Holeshot XCT
Rocky Trails, Desert and Muddy Trails
ITP Mud Lite AT
Muddy Trail, General Trail Riding and Snow
ITP Mud Lite SP
Muddy Trail
ITP Mud Lite XL
Muddy Trails, Deep Mud, General Trail Riding and Snow
ITP Mud Lite XTR
Muddy Trails, Deep Mud, General Trail Riding and Snow
ITP Quadcross MX PRO
Hard-Pack Motocross
ITP Sand Star
Loose Sand
ITP Terracross RT
Rocky Trails, Desert, Muddy Trail, General Trail Riding, Woods Racing, Closed Course Racing, Loose Sand and Snow
ITP Articles and Reviews
ITP Tire & Wheel Launches All-New Mammoth Mayhem Mud Tire
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ITP Mayhem tires are one of the most aggressive ATV mud tires available for you. Furthermore, the tires live up to the name with their aggressiveness and size. The Monster Mayhem tire maybe large, however they are not clunky. The 6-ply carcass is durable but lightweight and ideal for all kinds of terrain. The monster lugs do more than just paddling through the mud. The wheels are built with unique and stylish tread pattern that provides your wheeler with a quiet and smooth ride.
ITP Racers Shine at Unadilla ATV MX National
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Round 7 of the 2014 Mtn. Dew ATV Motocross National Championship series was a good one for ITP racers who had a good run overall. This round saw the racers win in 5 classes and get over 20 podium finishes by the end of the two-day event. This was one of the most successful events for ITP racers who have had a good year so far.
ITP Racers Dominate Round 5 of the GNCC Series
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On April 26th of this year, the annual and esteemed fifth round of the GNCC Series kicked off amidst beautiful weather conditions. Like always, ITP racers were a huge fixture in the race, snagging 3 different victories and 10 class podium appearances! No doubt, it was an impressive showcase and helped to prove why ITP tires are some of the best on the market. Check out the full scoop here.
A Tire for all Seasons: ITP Tires
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The versatility of ATVs and UTVs is second to none. Mud, dirt, snow, sand, gravel or grass, an ATV/UTV is capable of conquering all of them in spring, summer, fall or winter. ITP was the first tire company to produce a tire specifically for mud and today it offers one of the largest ranges of tires for every type of surface and weather condition.

As you can see, ITP Tire has a huge variety of ATV, UTV, and even Go Kart Tires. Got an upcoming ATV adventure trip planned? Check your tires before you go. ITP has tires for any terrain you may encounter. ITP has ATV Tire for the woods, mud, sand, racing, snow, trails, and even motocross. When enjoying the trails you don't want to worry about your tires not performing or leaving you stranded in the in the middle of nowhere; with ITP ATV Tire you can feel comfortable knowing that the most robust set of tires are carrying you on your adventure. ITP ATV Tires will give you the traction you need in the sand to move quickly. The paddles will provide optimal speed and acceleration. Hit the sand dunes with only ITP ATV Tires.

Whether you race on hard or soft surfaces or you're running the trails hard, you need confidence in you tires. ITP brand ATV tires can keep your ride performing the way you want: Diggin in on corners, hauling you through the mud climbing banks and trailblazing. Whatever your tire for your style and your vehicle. if your ATV adventures will take you to various terrains Take a look at the ITP Holeshot line. These popular all purpose ATV tires are great for all types of terrain and will provide superior performance. The Holeshot ATV Tires are ideal on hard and rough terrain and are built tough with features you need like sturdy sidewalls and gripping tread. The ITP Holeshot ATV Tires are popular equipment on the the Grand National Cross Country Championship Series where they endure constant abuse from rocks, rails, sticks, stumps, gullies, riverbeds, sand. mud, stumps and more. The Holeshot ITP ATV Tires will perform in all environments and exceed your expectations every time.

ITP has a popular and well regarded line of tires for motocross as well. ITP Tires like the QuadCross MX PRO will lead you too top performance on the track. Designing the ITP Tires for motocross took years of research and development. ITP took passionate ideas and turning them into prototypes, tested tested tested performance at the track and in the field. Today, ITP ATV tires are the number one tire used in motocross. Many competitors try to mimic their products but simply cannot master their final product.

For those who enjoy the trails on an UTV, ITP makes tires for the smallest to the heaviest vehicles. UTVs are great for hauling larger loads to and from camp. ITP Tires like the Bajacross will give great handling and control in the roughest terrain. Constructed with strength in mind, the Bajacross tires will outperform all other tires on the market. The Bajacross has deep Rim Guards to offer better sidewall protection. The Bajacross tires keep your ride comfortable both on and off the trail.

You'll get proffessional performance from ITP Tires. ITP offers ATV Tires for all types of surfaces including: loose sand, muddy, rocky, snow, hard surfaces, desert, woods, and general trail riding. If you need a certain type of ATV Tire, you can count that ITP will have it. Many professional riders rely on ITP for all their tire needs. 4 Wheel Online carries a wide assortment of ATV Tires.

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