Hot Cams Camshafts

Hot Cams Camshafts

Every ATV owner and enthusiast’s best choice for performance camshafts is Hot Cams Products, Inc. Hot Cams Performance Cam Shafts deliver utmost power and performance with a bare minimum of installation hassle.

Curt Leaverton first revolutionized two successful and growing companies –Hot Rods and Pivot Works, before startling the aftermarket industry by starting another new company –the Hot Cams Products, Inc.

Hot Cams Products, Inc. focused mainly in producing swiftly available billet camshafts that can work with standard parts and won’t require any fundamental exchange. For that reason, the company was able to produce smashing and better camshafts than traditional ones –all at very affordable prices. Hot Cams Performance Cam Shaft is a great venture for the money.

What sets Hot Cams Product, Inc. apart from other camshafts?
Convenience and engineering! Hot Cams Products, Inc. is the first camshaft company to produce its own cores from billet for the dirt bike and ATV market.

What does this imply?
This means no more core charges or having to send in camshaft for welding. A cam from billet is also much more durable and will last for longer years.

Do customers have to modify other parts to run a high-performance Hot Cam?
Yes! Hot Cams Products, Inc. has been named a top product of year for its dollar per horsepower comparison. Hot Cams Products, Inc. provides drop-in performance and is the best engine modification for the money. Many times, external parts that cost far more can give far less performance gain than a high-performance Hot Cam.

Does Hot Cams only make camshafts for race models?
No. Hot Cams Products, Inc. makes cams for many play bikes and for many utility ATVs with our Mudbuster line. With a Mudbuster cam, utility 4x4 ATVs will enhance the low-end engine performance, with no top-end performance loss. Honda Rubicon, Rincon, Prairie 650 & 700, Grizzly 660, and Polaris Sportsman 700 are just some of the Mudbuster cams that are worth checking out.

Does Hot Cams Products, Inc. Camshafts really help my motors performance?
Yes, extensive development and testing is the key. Hot Cams Products, Inc. test many variations of cams for each model to ensure that the best performance and durability cam is produced.

Are there cams for sale by companies that weld cams that make better power?
Yes. Many “radical” cams will excessively wear out valve train components. Hot Cams Products, Inc. concentrates on cams that require little to no hassle while still making more power. The company would rather ride longer and give up a small amount of power.

Does the Hot Cams Products, Inc. still utilize the stock decompression mechanism?
Yes. Hot Cams Products, Inc. all come with the OEM de-comp mounts in the cam, or with the de-comp mounts and parts if the OEM is not removable.