Factory Effex

Hot Wheels Graphic Kits are the newest from Factory Effex. Our featured Factory Effex Graphic Kits include the following:

10-13274 Hot Wheels Yamaha Raptor 700 06-08
10-13278 Hot Wheels Yamaha Rhino Graphic Kit

Metal Mulisha Graphic Kits for Yamaha Rhino applications are also available. Factory Effex Graphic Kits are ON SALE and FREE SHIPPING. Hurry!

Factory Effex Seat Covers caters several brands of ATV applications such as Yamaha and Honda. Among the available Seat Covers are:

All Grip Seat Cover - BLK - Raptor 01-04
All Grip Seat Cover - BLK - Banshee 87-04

Seat Covers for other applications are also available so be sure to check them all out.

Love and commitment to the sport of motocross gave birth to Factory Effex –now a recognized and trustworthy manufacturer of Graphic Kits, Seat Covers and Accessories.

Factory Effex has developed artistic and useful products over the years. Their products protect, utilize and improve diverse ATV applications at reasonable costs.

Roots. History. Passion. These are the elements that guide and motivate the organization –from the warehouse crew, to the art department, to sales, marketing and senior management. They’ve always been proud to say that they were there from the beginning.