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Dunlop originated in the late 1800 using the patent that John Dunlop created. Dunlop had the ability to commercialize on inflatable tires which allowed the company to reach new heights. During the 1890, bicycles were the main source of transportation and became a word-wide phenomenon. With several years of experience and business doing well, Dunlop decided to incorporate and register a trademark in 1896. Originally Dunlop Pneumatic Tyre Company manufactured tires for other companies but soon determined that he wanted to be his own manufacturing. With his new beginning, there was also a new name, Dunlop Rubber Company Ltd.

With the success of bicycle tires Dunlop wanted to changes things up and start manufacturing tires for motor vehicles. With rapid growth, Dunlop needed to have a larger facility to produce the demands. As growth continues, Dunlop sold subsidiaries to branches in South Africa, South America, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, and many other countries throughout Europe. Manufacturing expanded to France, Japan and the United States while Malaya and Ceylon were the main producers on rubber.

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Goodyear Tires owned 75% and Sumitomo Rubber Industries owned 25% of Dunlop. Both companies continued to sell Dunlop branded tires in the succession to the Dunlop Rubber Company. In the mid 1980’s, BTR gained complete control of Dunlop Rubber and Sumitomo then gained the rights to produce and market Dunlop branded road tires. With Dunlop’s highly reputable name, Sumitomo wanted to change their name in the UK to reflect their affiliates. In the late 1990’s Sumitomo had made agreements in change their name in the UK to Dunlop Tyres Ltd.

With the some of the best names in the tire industry, Sumitomo and Goodyear entered into a joint venture which gave the rights to Sumitomo to manufacture all Japanese made tires under Dunlop’s prestigious name. Goodyear acquired 75% of Sumitomo business in Europe and North America markets. Currently, the company has several manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

Dunlop has a reputation that most companies would like to be affiliated with. When you purchase a set of Dunlop ATV Tires know that you are buying one of the best tires on the market. Dunlop has a vast amount of knowledge that goes in the production of every tire. If you are looking for years of experience combined with high quality rubber than know that Dunlop is exactly what you need on your ATV.

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