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What drives Side by Side owners to install a DragonFire UTV Exhaust? Perhaps it's that extra push and the smug satisfaction in knowing there's some super power to rely on when climbing hills, crawling through rocks and thrashing through brush. DragonFire changes the UTV game, delivering more than a "little" advantage over the competition. When it comes to provocative sound that gets noticed, Dragonfire has the mean rumble that invades the course and sounds like business. The problem with the stock exhaust is that they just aren't optimized for ultimate performance. They tend to restrict the flow of gasses and choke the engine. Dragonfire Exhaust systems, open up your engine and are finely tuned to deliver conclusive and superior performance. When a standard exhaust is upgraded to a DragonFire, UTV performance multiplies with greater horsepower at any spot of the RPM range. There's no doubt that sound is a big reason that many people upgrade to non-stock exhaust systems. The DragonFire's definitive rumble delivers authority. If you want your ATV to convey power, intensity and muscle. Check out DragonFire UTV Exhaust Systems. Dragonfire Racing UTV Exhaust was designed to deliver power and performance, looks and sound to your UTV. Wake up you UTV today with an aftermarket Exhaust from DragonFire. You get an exhaust loaded with features such as intergraded heat shields for the front/back of the mufflers, frame bumpers, stainless steel tubing, integrated O2 bung, and much more! Want the best performance, sound, style, fit, and finish? This is it.

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