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The Douglas A5 polished wheels are designed with a rolled lip style that ensures strength and durability on the wheels. These wheels are light in weight and ensure easy steering hence they will enable any ATV rider to ride with convenience and strength. A5 wheels also come at affordable prices to ensure that you get quality and affordability combined into one product. The tires come in varying sizes to suit your ATV size and its functionality. The polished outer surface delivers an outstanding appearance to ensure you get that sporty look on your ATV.

“Championship caliber wheels”

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The Douglas Alumilite Wheels have been known as the most prominent and recognized ATV wheels in the market. It is tagged as one of the world’s best if not the best. Having evolved from sixteen years of design innovation and improvement, extensive testing and development by Douglas Wheel Technologies, the Douglas Alumilite Wheels were produced with grand features and performance quality that seem to be incomparable to similar products in the market. No wonder the Douglas Alumilite Wheels have bagged enough awards and recognitions in the wheels market.

The Douglas Wheel Technology takes pride in one of its hottest products called the DWT Litecast Wheels. As the name implies, the Litecast wheels are distinctly light yet are very stylish and proven tough on any road application. The Douglas Litecast Wheels are a combination of style and technology, produced and designed through extensive research, testing and development, and using the advanced design in the market.

Douglas DWT ATV Wheels