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Searching for the best value yet high quality ATV wheels and accessories? Douglas Wheel Technologies (DWT) has everything you are looking for!

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Douglas Wheel Technologies Group Inc. changed its Douglas Wheel brand name to Douglas Wheel Technology or DWT. Founded by Doug Henline back in 1991, DWT company has undergone a lot of changes and improvements over the years. The company had increased their technological machineries and adapted OEM’s technology in producing wheels and accessories for various ATV applications.

A big help in the progression of DWT is its involvement and knowledge in racing. DWT added in-house drop tests, fatigue tests and other kinds of R&D and tools to always have room for improvement on all their products.

Another fact the company is proud to share is its zero (0) debt, therefore, a significant asset in order to stay solid in this economy. The company also offers UTV products other than their famous ATV wheels and Beadlock rings.

Truly, there are a number of companies that provide aftermarket ATV wheels and accessories, however, only a handful possess notable history and dedication to their expertise. One of which is the Douglas Wheel Technologies (DWT).

Douglas Wheel Technologies Company will categorically continue being a leader in performance wheel technology. Choose from their top of the line ATV Wheels and Accessories, all offered at affordable prices.

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