D.I.D. Chains

D.I.D. Chains are the most powerful with less friction chains made available in the ATV market nowadays. This brand of chains is made with special steel alloy materials that provide extra strength and control required in Quad racing. D.I.D. Chains feature X-Ring Performance Technology that gives the precision and force to meet lower friction performance.

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D.I.D. Chains

D.I.D 520ATV Chains Features:

  • D.I.D.'s newest x-ring chain designed exclusively to meet ATV racing demands
  • D.I.D. is the #1 chain manufacturer in the world
  • Solid rollers and shot-peened parts
  • High cylindrical and roundness accuracy
  • Exacting tolerances provide low friction
  • Pre-stretched with extended riveted bushing "Anti-Kink" design
  • Made from special alloy steel and has an average tensile strength of 7,600 lbs.
  • Maximum c.c disp, is up to 750

Highly recommended by ATV enthusiasts and professionals, D.I.D. Chains are the best and most innovative chains fit for any type of ATV application. It offers notable features and outstanding capabilities. Experience a more comfortable ride even on the toughest terrains and dicey weather situations by purchasing our low price D.I.D. Chains.

D.I.D. Chains