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ATV Plow Lift Systems

Once you have chosen your plow blade, push tube and mount, it's time to get a lift system. We offer multiple lift systems that will help raise and lower your blade when you are plowing. Of all the different lift systems that we offer we highly recommend investing in a winch lift system. Winch lift systems can be used year round and can be utilized for more than just lifting your plow blade.
Cycle Country ATV Plow Lift Systems
Manual Lift Electric Motor Lift Year Round Winch Systems
  • Cycle Country's manual plow lift works with as little as 25 lbs of effort, and will raise the snow plow at least 5-1/2". This manual lift is universal and installs easy on all ATV's. The plow locks secure the raised position for safe operation.
  • The electronic system is convenient and comes with all the hardware and instructions necessary for an easy installation. But if you have a plow blade bigger than 60" wide you definitely need a winch lifting system.
  • An excellent choice if you want a multi-use piece of equipment.
  • For durability, the WARN synthetic rope and/or plow roller fairlead is strongly recommended.
  • Multi-Mount winch is not recommended for use as a plow blade lift.

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