Cycle Country Manual ATV Plow Lifts

Cycle Country Manual ATV Plow Lifts
Cycle Country-Manual Lift Kit for Plow Blades
  - CYCL-15-0090
•   Get at least 5.5" of lift with as little as 25 lbs (13 kg) of effort.
•   Blade locks in full up position.
•   Comes off as part of push tube assembly.
•   When you're done plowing, the whole lift removes with the push tubes, so when you're trail riding the equipment is not in your way.
(Use with 15-0070 and 15-0210 pushtube)
Price: $196.04 Sale Price: $155.85

Quick-Lift Manual Plow Lift Kit
  - CYCL-15-0030
•   Attaches to your front ATV rack with the Cycle Country EZ Mount system – no tools required.
•   Ratcheting handle allows the user to lock the blade in any of four positions.
•   Operates with minimal lifting effort.
•   Works with most ATV plow systems.
Can be used with any and all ATV plow systems
Price: $182.54 Sale Price: $145.12