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Cheng Shin ATV Tires are 40% Off & Ship Free. Established in the mid 1960’s in Yuanlin, Taiwan, Cheng Shin is well renowned to produce high quality and durable tires. Cheng Shin tires are distributed in more than 150 countries and the company covers a wide range of tires, for bicycles, motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, lawn and garden equipment and many more auto appliances. CST tires are created through the latest technology and equipped with features to deliver maximum performance and customer satisfaction.The Cheng Shin Company has been awarded certificates and awards such as the DOT certification, ISO9001, E-Mark, TS 16949 and the China Well Known Brand Award. From the highest to the lowest level of CST, quality, integrity and service is upheld to give you the best treatment. Choose CST tires from its wide variety such as the General Purpose, Side by Side, Utility and Sports ATV tires for high quality and performance.

Cheng Shin's Main Objective - Quality: Cheng Shin stands behind their products, workers, and service. Producing only the best, you can trust that every product with the Cheng Shin’s logo is made with resilient materials that will withstand years of use and abuse. Everyday Cheng Shin Tire Company evaluates ways to improve their products and service so the customers will have and get only the best treatment. Cheng Shin will take your ATV to new levels with Cheng Shin Tires.

Cheng Shin Articles and Reviews
Cheng Shin ATV Tire Styles
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Cheng Shin has been distributing ATV tires to over 150 countries in the world for decades. It isn’t every day that you come across a tire manufacturer that is this dedicated to the ATV industry. But Cheng Shin is that kind of company. And because of this, it is currently ranked as the ninth largest tire company in the world. Read More...
Adam McGill Propels Cheng Shin Tires to First Ever Victory at GNCC
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Round 9 of the 2014 GNCC series was very crucial as it was the last before the summer break. Adam McGill and his Cheng Shin pulse tires went to the event with high hopes and were not disappointed. He managed to outshine the series leader to first position. This was his third first place finish at the circuit and the first this year. By the end of the race, he managed to secure the third place finish in the standings.