Bazzaz ATV | UTV

Bazzaz ATV/UTV

Bazzaz engine management systems are used not only on motorcycles but on ATV and UTVs too. These four wheel machines become quickly ignited for better performance when Bazzaz Z–Fi tools are integrated into their functionality. Driving ATVs and UTV becomes much more fun when acceleration and fuel efficiency are kept at their peak levels.

    Fuel Injection Tuning | Z-Fi, Z-Fi QS, Z-Fi TC
  • Bazzaz compare to other uses all the available injector and not just the lower.
  • Compare with the other manufacturer, Bazzaz is more accurate in terms of reading signal source directly.
  • Bazzaz’s software compare to other is user friendly and high tunable by RPM, throttle position, gear, or cylinder.
    Self Mapping | Z-AFM
  • Bazzaz was the inventor of self-mapping module that collects data and map in just 20 minutes while riding that result to build race-level fuel maps.
  • Bazzaz Z-AFM is open loop for quick response, trouble shooting, and to protect the bike in event of any sensor error.
  • Bazzaz compare to other is universal, means that can be use in any bike.
    Quick Shift | Z-Fi QS, QS4 USB
  • Bazzaz cuts ignition oil to allow quick shift.
  • The Bazzaz shift sensor was made of heavy duty tension spring to ensures its tolerance and reliability.
  • Z-Fi QS is integrated with fuel control for easy installation and use.
    Traction Control | Z-Fi TC
  • With Bazzaz, only TC system of its kind is available.
  • Bazzaz requires no wheel speed sensor since it uses RPM spike data that determines wheel slip.