Baja Designs

Baja Designs’ dual-sport and off-road motorcycle adventure products proves that pavement exists solely to connect riding trails. Baja Designs users are truly avid off-road motorcycle riders and racers that have ridden all over the world. It is believed that there is no better way to explore this world than on a dirt bike and we couldn’t agree more. Baja Designs products provide everyone with high quality custom off-road equipment along with the technical and riding/racing experience to back it up. Grateful to every dedicated customer, Baja Designs Company made every effort to improve and expand since its inception in 1992. From simply being the leading supplier of legalizing Dual Sport Kits, the company is now likewise offering race lighting, off-road lighting and many other bike and ATV aftermarket products. Aside from earning a solid reputation in the industry, Baja Designs has also been selected as the sponsor of American Honda’s off-road team. The constant customer interest makes the company look more forward in assisting everyone with all their riding needs, thus, developing more functional and reliable ATV products.

Baja Designs is a leading manufacturer and marketer of exceptional aftermarket lighting systems and adventure products for the off-road industry. Its headquarters are located in San Marcos, California.

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