ATV Risers

ATV Risers allow the handlebar and rider to move forward, optimizing the center of gravity of your snowmobile for better handling and control handlebars can be pivoted forward or back from an original stock position. A truly adjustable snowmobile handlebar riser system that offers increased bar height and fully articulated radial adjustment. Engineered for unmatched strength and durability - ideal for extreme riding conditions.

ATV Risers offers the best handlebar riser for many aftermarket brands of ATVs from our selected manufacturer to add a strength and performance risers to every off-road all-terrain vehicle. Risers are durable, high quality and specially designed to add superior strength and innovation to every ATV. Find the comprehensive performance handlebar Riser for a variety of all-terrain vehicle applications everyone's looking for. Shop to our selected riser manufacturer here and match every product to every ride for extreme performance level race.

Powermadd They develop products that address the motorcycle, ATV, and snowmobile accessory markets. Powermadd product line started with snowmobile accessories and has grown to include a broad range of innovative products that help improve every ride. Their flagship product, the Star Series Handguard is the world's most innovative handguard and now in use in over 25 countries.

Powermadd Extreme Motorsports Risers 2" riser is 3.25" wide to fit all snowmobiles (and some ATVs) with 7/8" bar clamps. One peice design is made from solid aluminum for superior strength. Provides dual pivot points for optimum bar positioning.
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