AC Racing ATV
Cooler Racks

AC Racing ATV Cooler Racks

are unique in their own right. These ATV cooler racks by AC Racing can be used in a countless number of ways, but lets just state the obvious. The cooler racks extend past the edge of your ATV to store a large cooler that you are going to load up with your favorite food and beverages. AC Racing ATV cooler racks are designed not to make use of ATV storage space but rather extend your ATV storage space.

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With AC Racing ATV cooler racks you can still equip a rear atv luggage, this is possible due to the fact that the cooler racks are extensions of your ATV. In other words you aren’t taking up any space but rather making more. So if you are geared up with strapped on ATV luggage but need some more room, invest into an AC Racing ATV cooler rack.