3 ATV Tire Manufacturers

ATV tires are built for rugged and tough terrains which require some extra levels of tenacity to overcome. This is why they are built with extreme tread structures, tough rubber and wide profiles. Depending on the kind of terrain your ATV will be charting - such as snow, mud, rock or sand - the tire meant for it will be made in a specific structure. Currently there are dozens of ATV tire manufacturers in the ATV industry who build specialized tire designs that can function in these different terrains. We've decided to run through a few of the most reputed ATV wheel manufacturers and establish what makes their brands stand out.
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Super Swamper

Super Swamper produces a full line up of mud drilling components that includes both wheels and tires. Their tires are made with mud-slinging tread designs that trump any kind of soggy weather. Its mud tire collection includes five comprehensive series namely: Black Mamba, Radial Reptile, Swamp Lite, TSL Vampire, TSL/ATV. The Black Mamba, which you might have suspected from its name alone, is the most aggressive tire in the line-up. It has enormous lugs and rounded shoulder for unstoppable power. Other tire models from Super Swamper have similarly deep lugs except for the TSL/ATV model which is wider than the others.


Carlisle has adopted the function of ATV tires in their operations completely. Their line of tires serves not only all terrains but all industries. They are thus used by farmers on tractors and other agricultural vehicles. They are also used in construction industries, transport and household for driving lawn mowers. Because of the company’s experience in making formidable tires for diverse applications, they have become one of the most renowned names in the ATV tire market. Their line-up includes Carlisle All Trail ATV tires, Carlisle Titan ATV tires, Carlisle Trail Wolf ATV tires.
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Cheng Shin

Cheng Shin is known as a race winning tire brand. These tires have been featured at ATV racing series such as the GNCC where Cheng Shin has sponsored racers such as Adam McGill. There are four main Cheng Shin ATV tire series to choose from. The general purpose series is intended to cover all environments where muddy or dry/rocky, smooth or rugged. For racing purposes, Cheng Shin has a series of sports utility tires which are wider and bear uniform lug patterns that are highly serrated to provide higher levels of traction.

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