Atturo Tires

Atturo Tires

Atturo Tires Now 30% Off Plus Free Shipping! Atturo, a tire brand for SUV and truck market segment. Atturo created a dependable range of products to meet the needs of light truck owners. Providing affordable high quality products that will enhance your vehicle's appearance and enhance its performance. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Atturo specializes in making tires for the light truck driver. They are thus good for use on off road courses and on smooth roads. Finding that middle ground between both driving environments requires an adequate investment in quality tire engineering practice. The resultant quality is visible in both Atturo’s choice of material and design technique.
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For nine seasons, Truck U has been airing on Speed network. With each episode, viewers get an inside look into different aspects of the trucking world. Hosts Bruno Massel and Matt Steele do this by building up trucks, 4x4s, and SUVs with some of the world's greatest aftermarket manufacturers. Last year, Truck U decided to feature Atturo for a couple of episodes, knowing that they were some of the world's elite tires. Check out the full story here.


Atturo produces real tires that maintain and improve the quality of any vehicle. Atturo Tires are produced in world class factories in Thailand and Taiwan. The products of Atturo are tested by independent agencies to assure consistent quality standards. Atturo designs aggressive styled tires that meet the needs both on road and off-road use. Atturo keeps performance within reach!

Atturo AZ800 Tires
tturo AZ800 tires

The Atturo AZ800 tire is a high performance tire for all seasons. It features a directional tread pattern for superior performance in wet conditions and comes with pointless tread ply technology for high and low speed endurance. The AZ800 tire rim protector gives the rim an extra layer of protection from potholes and curbs.

Atturo Trail Blade AT Tires
Atturo Trail Blade A/T tires

The Atturo Trail Blade A/T tire provides solid performance on road and off-road with a long lasting tread life. The tread compound has deep sipes for all weather performance. The Atturo Trail Blade A/T tire provides off-road capability while also being versatile enough for highway use.

Atturo Trail Blade MT Tires
 Atturo Trail Blade M/T tires

The Atturo Trail Blade M/T tire is a performance tire built for the off-road. The Trail Blade® M/T features an extra deep tread for enhanced off-road use. The aggressive tread pattern has staggered shoulder blocks for increased grip and traction on loose and soft surfaces.



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