Antigravity Micro Start

The World's Smallest Portable Jump Starter and Back-up Power Supply

Antigravity specializes in the best in high-power, lightweight Lithium Ion Products for Powersports Vehicles and Race Cars. However, Antigravity has cracked a new market with the introduction of the MICRO START XP-1 and the MICRO START XP-3 Personal Power Supply (PPS) chargers/starters.

These highly innovative and extremely compact chargers go further than any other. They're tiny; small enough to fit in your pocket, but contain a huge charge capable of starting your big V8 several times before needing a recharge. No glovebox should be without one.

Micro-Start XP-1 The XP-1 does it all... jump starts any car, truck, or motorcycle. Powers or charges 19v laptops, 12v accessories, and any USB 5v electronics. It comes with 18 interchangable tips and cords to connect to most electronic devices, as well as mini-jumper clamps, all in a convenient carry case.

MICRO-START XP-3 The XP-3 is incredibly small, but capable of starting any car, truck or motorcycle with ease. It can also power or charge all of your 5v USB electronics like cell phones, iPads, GPS, Kindles, PSPs, and more. Perfect for those with limited space, but needing the security of back-up power.