AMP Research PowerSteps Offer More than Just Safety

Every truck owner knows that running boards guarantee safety when getting in and out of the vehicle. There are quite a number of running boards on the market and selecting the one that is best for you will require looking into more than just safety. Out of the different running boards on the market, the AMP Research PowerSteps are the real deal and have been engineered, invented and manufactured in America.
Power step in motion

AMP Research PowerSteps are the best-performing, best-built and best-selling products of their kind. Below are some of the features that make these PowerSteps better than your average running boards.

Improves Fuel Efficiency

For truck & SUV owners, the soaring gas prices make it expensive to maintain over time. Installing aftermarket accessories adds weight to the vehicle and this can lead to consumption of more fuel. However, with AMP Research PowerSteps., you are getting reduced weight and aerodynamics. Every truck enthusiast knows that aerodynamic drag and weight are the two factors that affect fuel efficiency and are constantly looking for new ways to reduce them.

While improving aerodynamics, AMP Research PowerSteps are still able to maintain the same convenience and safety offered by the full-length running boards.
Ford Power step in motion

Keep the Vehicle Light

Since AMP Research PowerSteps are light, they do not add any significant weight to the car. The high-strength aluminium used to make these running boards is what has helped keep their weight low. Compared to a typical running board or steel tube steps, the AMP PowerSteps are between 10-20% lighter. We all know that reducing the weight of the vehicle improves gas mileage.

Off Road Clearance

Fitting running boards on your truck reduces ground clearance when off roading. Most running boards tend to drop so low leading to a hard time when driving off road. AMP Research PowerSteps work automatically allowing you to safely enter and exit your truck while providing you with better ground clearance. These PowerSteps are activated by the door sensors and will extend when the door is opened and retract when closed.

When retracted, they leave enough space that allows you to drive on any off road terrain without worrying about any damages.
Jeep Power step in motion

Safety in the Dark

AMP Research PowerSteps have LED lighting systems that make the stepping pad visible even in the darkest of nights. This is a pretty cool feature that you will rarely find in your ordinary running board. The lighting system is made to work with the truck’s doors and will be turned on when the door is opened and turned off when the door is closed.

running boards. They provide increased clearance and improved fuel efficiency.

By: James Langston
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