AMP Research Accessories to Customize

AMP Research is an American company based in Tustin, California that focuses on building accessories that help improve the function and utility of light trucks, cars and SUVs. The company has been in existence since 1980 and its motto,”Innovation in Motion”, has been captured in all its products on the market. AMP Research offers four main products that include the Powerstep running boards, bedstep bumper step, bedstep box-side access steps and BedXTender HD for carrying cargo.
Amp Power step

Powerstep Running Boards

The Powerstep running boards are automatic electric-powered running boards that allow you get in and out of your truck easily. When you open your truck’s door, the powerstep board instantly extends giving you something to step on. When the door is closed, the running board hides itself safely giving your truck more ground clearance, better appearance and aerodynamics. These boards are reliable, look good and can be used in all weather conditions. These are the three factors that have helped AMP Research set the standards in the aftermarket running boards market.

AMP Research Bedsteps

AMP Research bedsteps are some of the best and most reliable ones on the market since they can perform flawlessly in ice, mud, snow and dirt. These bumper steps are strong and rugged to support your weight when accessing the truck bed. Their strength and durability comes from the die-cast aluminium alloy used during construction. These are retractable non-slip bumper steps that flip down allowing you to easily, safely and faster load or unload cargo from your truck bed. These bedsteps can work even when the tailgate is open and support up to 300 pounds. They are made in the USA and come with a 36,000-mile or 3-year warranty.
Amp Power step

AMP Research Bedstep 2

Unlike the other bedsteps that allow access to the truck bed from the tailgate, the AMP Research Bedstep 2 allows access to the truck bed from the sides. It mounts right behind the rear cab just before the rear wheel. The main purpose of having these bedsteps where they are is to allow easy and fast access to the toolboxes and cargo on the front of the truck bed. These are also retractable steps and they provide better ground clearance when they are not in use.
Amp Power step

BedXTender HD Max

BedXTender HD Max is a practical accessory with a U-Shape design that increases the carrying capacity of your truck bed. It flips out when the tailgate is open increasing the length of the tailgate by up to 2 feet. It is a lightweight accessory made with durable materials that guarantee safety of your cargo. When you close the tailgate, the BedXTender HD Max flips inside keeping your cargo safe.

By: James Langston
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