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Airaid is one of the leading manufacturers of performance air intake equipment. The designs of Airaid intake products are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual vehicle using sophisticated computer modeling. The secret of Airaid Intake success is that they provide proven results from industry leading designs.

Dedicated to enhancing your vehicle's performance, Airaid's top-of-the-line intake systems and filters exemplify its constant pursuit of intake efficiency and horsepower gains. Airaid's innovations and extensive real-world testing produce some of the finest air-intake products available.

Airaid Intake Systems
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Airaid Intake Articles and Reviews
Unlock your Engine’s Potential
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AIRAID cold air intake system is specifically built to meet today’s vehicle’s technology and is easy to install. AIRAID intake system is dyno-tested and computer designed to increase airflow to your vehicle’s engine, which improves both horsepower and torque. This further ensures greater efficiency level. The Ram Air intake, the Long Ram Cold Air intake and the Short Ram Air intake are some of AIRAID intake systems.
Airaid Intake Products Review
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Airaid is one of the major manufacturers of air intake equipment using sophisticated computer modeling technique. Airaid is so dedicated to enhance the performance of your vehicle. The company uses the latest technology to produce first class materials on the market. The Company employs advanced technology and for many years, it has set high standards in the automotive industry. Airaid kits have a length of tube that you can reduce to the sizes you want. Airaid Air Filter ensures airflow freely.

More About Airaid

With the motto of "Build it Better", AirAid has taken the market by surprise and looking to over exceed expectation. Using only the finest materials, AirAid has set the bar in the automotive industry. AirAid understand the importance of manufacturing their products here in the United States and continues to maintain quality in the production line. When you want the best then rely on AirAid.

Airaid Air Filter

AIRAID Premium Filter is hand-built using the best materials offered today. And each AIRAID Premium Filter comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. We start with multiple layers of cotton gauze combined with our irreplaceable filtration technology resulting in a superior filtration system. All AIRAID Premium Filters trap the slightest dirt particles that ordinary cotton-gauze “performance” filters can’t capture.

Airaid Air Intake Tube Kit

AIRAID Premium Filter Company is a recognized company air management for both gasoline and diesel power plants. AIRAID has come to market with high-quality products that improve drivability and performance. Plus, many AIRAID filters and kits are stress-free to install. Airaid cold air kits are made precisely for a particular vehicle so they fit without the difficulties of some air intake kits.

Airaid Breather Filter

AIRAID Breather Filters are designed for your PCV valve or where you need a small filter. It relieves your engine of positive crankcase pressure and recycled carbon vapors which cause loss of throttle response due to build-up on the throttle body.

Airaid Intake System

AIRAID INTAKE SYSTEMS are specifically designed to take full advantage of today's vehicle technology. Our performance success story is really quite simple - we use the latest dyno-proven techniques and innovative designs to improve upon intake system efficiency. Therefore, the greater the efficiency level, the greater the horsepower output!

Airaid Jr. Kits

The Airaid Jr. Air Intake Kit delivers real performance gains as it sends the coolest air directly to your engine for better combustion, horsepower gains you can feel, and even better MPGs. What’s even better, the Airaid Jr. Air Intake System installs in less than 30 minutes. In fact, a couple of screwdrivers is all most vehicles will need -- no modifications, no hassles. And, your Airaid Jr. Air Intake Kit is covered by a Lifetime Warranty. Just select the Airaid Jr. Air Intake Kit for your vehicle:

Airaid MIT

If you’re looking to replace only some components of your air intake system – rather than the entire system from the ground up – one of the most important purchases you can make is an AIRAID Modular Intake Tube (MIT). Sure, changing out your entire air intake system will definitely give you great improvements in engine function and horsepower – but it will also cost you a good deal of time and money.

Airaid Oil Breather Cap

Airaid Oil Breather Cap from Airaid rises the performance of your crankcase vent system while adding a slight elegance to the appearance of your engine bay.

Airaid PowerAid

The PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers (TBS) from AIRAID are designed to greatly improve the low-end torque and horsepower characteristics of your engine. PowerAid accomplishes this by spacing the throttle body one inch and adding a dyno-proven Helix style bore(s). As the intake air passes through the spacer, the Helix bore creates a vortex action that improves atomization creating a more complete combustion and an efficiently burning engine.

Airaid Pre-Filter

AIRAID Pre-filters use a unique material to give you maximum filtration without hindering air flow. They are water resistant for added protection. Testing has shown no significant loss in horsepower or airflow from the use of the pre-filters. It will filter out debris 0.005 microns and larger. By using the Airaid Pre-filter, you will more than double the cleaning intervals of your air filter.

Airaid Renew Kit

Keep your AIRAID filter at peak performance by using the AIRAID Renew Kit. Also known as filter tune up kits, these are available in both a squeeze bottle or aerosol spray for your filter or pre-filter. The AIRAID Renew Kit is the premium cleaning kit for your premium AIRAID filter.

Airaid Air Cleaner Assembly

With the motto of "Build it Better", AirAid has taken the market by surprise and looking to over exceed expectation. Using only the finest materials, AirAidWith the motto of "Build it Better", AirAid has taken the market by surprise and looking to over exceed expectation. Using only the finest materials, Airaid.

Airaid UBI Universal Kits

Airaid UBI Universal Kits are offered in a variety of styles to costume your engine as the Kit has all that is required to build a custom air intake system. Airaid UBI Universal Kits contains a length of tube that you can cut to the sizes you want, a full set of clamps and joints to assemble the correct angles to fit in your engine bay, and an Airaid Air Filter to provide sufficiently clean air flow. AIRAID air intake systems are warranted for life.