Airaid Air Intake Systems for Lincoln

Airaid Intake System provides excellent fit air intake system for Lincoln applications. Built from finest and highly-durable materials to ensure superior performance and maximum lifespan. Airaid Intake System is dyno-tested to deliver impressive flow of cold air into the engine and boosts horsepower, torque and efficiency. The Quick-fit Intake System features a computer-designed CAD (Cold Air Dam) panels that allows free-flowing air movements and aids in maintaining a cooler air atmosphere. This quick-fitting heat shield blocks the hot air and creates a division between the hot engine bay. Classic Intake System contains high-density aluminum inlet tube paired with premium Airaid filter media. Breathing is done through a premium Airaid filter. Choose from SynthaFlow (Oiled) or SynthaMax (Non-oiled) air filter to replace your restrictive paper filter assemblies. Each filter is rotational, washable and reusable. Hand-made from 100% synthetic component(SynthaMax) or a combined cotton-gauze and synthetic(SynthaFlow) layer filters that provides 99% filtration efficiency. Easily installs on the factory air box location using simple hand tools. Backed with No-Hassle Lifetime Warranty!