Access Lorado Cover Is the Perfect Fit for Your Truck

With hundreds of tonneau covers available on the market, choosing the right one for your truck is a very challenging process for most drivers. If you are looking for a new cover for your truck bed, this article is specifically written for you to show why you should go for the Access Lorado cover. This is a unique and low profile cover designed by the undisputed kings when it comes to quality tonneau covers.
Truck rail close up

Low Profile Design

The Access Lorado cover has a low profile design that does not look clunky when the cover is rolled down. This sleek design enhances the look of your truck for a clean and streamlined appearance. This cover installs on the inside of the bed rail allowing you full access to the stake pockets. This design gives you the option of installing additional accessories such as side rails and truck bed caps.

Quick to Open

The Access Lorado cover is very easy to open and uses the patented mechanism called the autolatch II. With this new mechanism, all you have to do is to pull it down and lift it up at the same time to open the cover. You will only find this simple technique on Access covers.
Woman closing a tail gate

Dual Locking System

The Access Lorado cover has a dual locking system that guarantees safety of your cargo. With this mechanism, both latches engage simultaneously underneath the rail when you close down the cover. This is useful in keeping off prying eyes and preventing the cover from being blown over when you are driving down the road.

Weather Resistant

This is a double sided vinyl cover, so expect very little shrinking or expanding. If the weather changes drastically, the cover has an easy to use tensioning system that allows you to manually adjust it to your satisfaction. This is a very big advantage over any other tonneau cover on the market as it is 100% manual and not tools are necessary.

With the double coded vinyl, the cover will last longer than your truck. The vinyl makes the cover resistant to both heat and cold ensuring it lasts in all seasons. To put it into perspective, Access claims that this cover can maintain shape and structure when the temperature outside is gets 40 degrees below zero. It also has UV protecting the keeps it from fading or melting when the temperature rises.
Truck rail close up

Premium Warranty

The Access Lorado cover has the premium cover warranty. What this means is that Access will cover all the parts and pieces from damages that may result to manufacturer’s defects. This warranty is premium because it can be claimed anytime as long as the cover is on your truck.

By: James Langston
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