Access Literider Tonneau Cover Installed

The Access LiteRider tonneau cover is a mid-range truck bed cover with an amazing roll-up design at an affordable cost. This highly durable cover is designed to function extremely well no matter the weather. Installing the Access LiteRider tonneau cover is a straightforward process that does not require any special skills. Below are some of the steps to follow during installation.

Install the Side Rails

Like all the other tonneau covers, installing the Access LiteRider requires you to first install the side rails to the bed of the truck. Start by installing the left side rail just to make the whole process easier. To do this, press and hold the side rail onto the edge of the truck bed. Make sure the edge of the truck bed is in line with the side rail or just a little bit higher. Make sure the plastic part of the side rail is at the back of the truck bed. This is the part that will lock with the tonneau cover when it is fully installed.

Move the side rail towards the front until it touches the truck’s rear cab. Once you are happy with the alignment, use a spring clamp to hold the side rail in place.

Attach the Clamps

With the spring clamp holding the side rail in place, start attaching the smaller clamps that will hold it permanently in place. You will be installing three clamps, one at the front, one in the middle and one at the back of the truck bed. For the front and rear clamps, go as far as possible towards the edge of the side rail. Ensure the centre clamp is right in the middle between the other two. After attaching all the clamps, tighten them now to make sure they do not move around when you are driving.

Repeat the above process on the other side of the truck bed. After installing both side rails, check to make sure they are not tilted in any way.

Mount the Tensioners and Cover

Before installing the main cover, you will need to install the tensioners provided. The tensioners are marked “left” and “right” making it easier for you to figure out which one to use on each side. Attach the tensioners directly on the cover using the bolts and washers provided. Do not over tighten them, they need to be loose to allow the cover to function as expected.

With the tensioners in place, set the cover in place on the front rail. Bolt the tensioners (now attached on the cover) to each side rail. Tighten all the bolts and roll down the cover to see how it fits on your truck and you are good to go.

By: James Langston
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