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XXR Wheels

XXR Wheels Now 25% Off Plus Free Shipping! XXR Rims is a premiere global manufacturing brand of custom designed lightweight aluminum alloy wheels. XXR Wheels was built in 1976, the company’s vast model selection of uniquely stunning lightweight wheels ensures that each client’s style and personality will reflect on his or her ride.

There are currently 26 style designs and colors to choose from. XXR Wheels is definitely the leading choice for people who not only love to show off their own styles with their custom rides, but more importantly, want only a tried and tested performing brand for lightweight aluminum alloy wheels available in the market today. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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Since its establishment in 1976, XXR Wheel has specialized in designing and manufacturing of aluminum alloy wheels not only for after-market automotive applications but also for other equipment. XXR Wheel has obtained quality assertion from various international bodies such as Japanese VIA standard for testing and International Standard on authorization of ISO 9002, QS 9002. It is the ideal wheel for your light Trucks, Passenger cars or SUVs. It features different finishes such as black, chrome, silver or red finishes making it unique and stylish.
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XXR Wheels has always been on a mission to create light weight wheels for drivers but now it’s innovating wheel appearance on a new level. As most manufacturers experiment with mixes and mash ups of neutral colors like black, machined face and chrome finishes. XXR has found a way of making other colours work on their wheel’s finishes.

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XXR Rims has long been the popular choice among car and SUV owners looking to be impressed themselves and to impress people. The XXR Wheels is certainly made for show and definitely can hold out on its own performance-wise against some of the leading brands out there.

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