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XD Series Rims On Sale Now Plus Free Shipping! XD Series Rims are structurally strong and durable wheels that meet the most demanding off road environments. The wheels have various spoke patterns that improve the structural strength of the wheels thus improving their durability. These wheels have been tested to ensure they perform as you expect them to without failure. The aluminum materials used are lightweight and strong making the wheels light and practical to use for both daily driving or off road adventures. Our staff is ready to help you with your purchase. Call us at (813) 769-2451

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XD Wheels <br />XD823 PVD
From $ 235.00
XD Wheels XD127 Satin Black
From $ 124.47
XD Wheels XD128 Satin Black
From $ 190.50
XD Wheels XD820 Satin Black
From $ 160.99
XD Wheels<br /> Buck 25 Chrome
From $ 467.00
XD WHEELS<br /> XD828 Chrome
From $ 256.00
XD775 Rockstar <br> Chrome Wheels
From $ 211.00
XD779 Badlands Wheels<br> Chrome
From $ 250.00
XD795 Hoss Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 167.44
XD795 Hoss Wheels <br> Gloss Black
From $ 166.00
XD797 Spy Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 213.41
XD809 Riot Wheels <br> Chrome
From $ 245.88
XDS XD820 Grenade Chrome
From $ 242.00
XD Wheels Articles and Reviews (6)
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Over the years, XD Wheels have become popular for people who are looking into getting a customized look, quality and most importantly unbeatable performance. Most of the time, these wheels have been known to travel off road. These legendary wheels are the official TORC racing wheels and have been tested in the world’s most extreme off road races. Question is, why are they so good off road? Read More...
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XD Wheels is one of the premier wheel designers and manufacturers. XD wheels not only offer you excellent quality but also good looks that make your ride stand out. If you are a SUV or truck owner, then these wheels are specifically designed for you. Furthermore, these wheels have been tested to ensure they perform as you expect them to without failure, further making them ideal for different kinds of terrain.
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For years the only wheels that people had on their rides where clunky steel wheels from the factory. Commonly called “steelies,” the only way to spruce these ugly wheels up was to use powder coating, spray paint or the ever-embarrassing hubcap. Luckily, XD Wheels has brought bring alloy and aluminum wheels to market without a huge cost to enthusiasts. Click Here to learn the advantages of these LIGHTER XD WHEELS.
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Some “off-roaders” are all about looks. Their paint jobs are perfect, their undercarriage is spotless and wheels look like they’ve never seen rain, let alone mud. For the guys at XD Wheels, this type of behavior is unacceptable. Their wheels have been designed for use and abuse; their recent racing victories seem to prove just that. Check out what this means for real off-roaders HERE.
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- Over the past few years, XD has taken their company to a new level. Currently, they are one of the most recognized brands across the world, twisting together off-roading, street racing, and modern day elements. Today, one of their most popular lines of wheels is undoubtedly their XD775. These XD775 wheels emanate all of the style and power that XD is all about. Check out more about the XD wheel here.
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Read the XD Wheel Review, with Information, and History. XD Wheels is one of the leading manufacturers of quality automotive wheels today. XD has always been at the forefront of innovation, and at 4WheelOnline, we offer many of their products, including the XD Rims brand.

XD Wheels More Information

XD wheels based out of California initially began producing steel wheels in 1982, then technology advanced and their wheels did as well and are now made of cast aluminum. XD Wheels feature a variety of aggressive spoke designs, complemented with a variety of finishes, from Matte Black to Chrome, and many complemented with machined and milled accents. XD has also added Duall Wheels for those large trucks. XD is not only a industry leader in aftermarket wheels, but also a leader and proud sponsor of multiple races and drivers, including Ricky Johnson, Carl Renezeder, Bryce Menzies, Corry Weller, and Travis Pastrana. The bottom line is that XD wheels have a great history, pedigree and sure do make good looking wheels.

XD makes their wheels out of alloy aluminum, this creates a lighter and stronger wheel. A lighter wheel means less overall weight and better gas mileage, it also means that it will be easier on your brakes. Both of these points are magnified as trucks are lifted and wheels and tires become larger. XD Rims are built to withstand even the most extreme terrain, while still looking cool. XD Series Rims are offered in all of the latest trending designs including simulated beadlock (also known as streetlock) and stunning machined finishes that will knock your socks off. We have made it easy for you to browse all the XD Series Wheels, and in many cases included Videos. We are an authorized retailer for XD wheels, as well as a Preferred retailer, offering all XD Wheels available. All XD Wheels ship fast from the multiple XD Wheel warehouses across the country, providing delivery in 24 - 72 hours. If you need any assistance, please call us, we are here to help. Learn More about XD Wheels

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