Worx Wheels

Worx Wheels

Worx Wheels now 25% Off and Ship Free. Worx wheels are manufactured by Ultra Motorsport, a leading manufacturer of premium aftermarket wheels for light trucks, SUVs and off road trucks. These wheels have been thoroughly tested and retested in off road conditions to ensure maximum performance and reliability. All Worx wheels have been constructed using strong one-piece aluminium material. They stand as being the best wheels with the ability to resist brake dust and perform exceptionally well in extreme conditions. Their ability to resist brake dust also makes them easy to clean. Available in stock are Worx Triad wheels, Worx havoc wheels, Worx beast wheels, Worx tyrant wheels and Worx Triton wheels.

Worx Rims

Worx Rims have a unique and bold design that demands attention anywhere you go. The bold design is a result of the powerful engineering techniques that reinvents the wheels completely. Each wheel is sold with its own centre cap that has the Worx logo for a premium touch. These wheels have screw down lugs that are covered for a stylish and constituent look. They are available in a number of finishes that include Chrome, black milled and satin black. The sizes also vary anywhere between 16 and 24 inches.

More about Worx Wheels

Worx Wheels will suit your every need. With a wide selection of diffrent styles you'll be sure to find the right rims for your truck or jeep! Worx Wheels are made out of alloy so it will last and handle anything you throw at it. All of the diffrerent Worx Wheels can be found here at 4 wheel online!

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