Warn Gen II Trans4mer
Bumper Mounting System

Build a powerful and durable bumper to mount your Warn Winch. The Warn Gen II Trans4mer Winch Mounting Bumper System is Warn's follow up to the Trans4mer System with added features that gives more option and function to any vehicle's front mount. The Gen II Trans4mer System's base is its mounting bracket and winch tray that houses the winch. Additional components are available like Grille Guard for added protection, Light Mounting Bar for adding up to 4 lights, Headlamp Guards and Receiver Brackets. All of these Warn Gen II Trans4mer added components all bolts directly to the system and is made with Warn's standard in quality and durability. The Warn Gen II Trans4mer Winch Mounting Bumper System is available in black or stainless finish.

Mounting Kit

The Gen II Trans4mer Mounting Kitis the base component of the Gen II Tras4mer system. It houses the Warn Winch and bolts directly to the vehicle's frame. The Gen II Trans4mer Mounting Brackets includes tow hooks and mounting bracket. The Warn Gen II Mounting Kit is available for mid or large frame winches. It comes in black or stainless steel finish and is a vehicle specific component.

Grille Guard Kit

The Grille Guard kit is a vehicle specific component for the Warn Gen II Trans4mer. It serves as a base to house other optional Trans4mer components. The Grille Guard kit features added protection to the grille area of the vehicle. It is available in a short or tall version that gives more option to customize the looks of the Trans4mer Winch Mounting Bumper System.

Light Mounting Bar Kit

The Warn Gen II Trans4mer Light Bars lets enthusiast to add four Warn Lights and is configurable in 2 mounting positions. It bolts directly to the Warn Gen II Trans4mer Grille Guard. Warn lets you choose from stainless steel or black finish for more options on how your Gen II Trans4mer would stood out with its unique exterior.

Headlamp Guards Kit

The Warn Gen II Trans4mer Headlamp Guards wraps around the truck's headlight for added protection. Each application has its own version of the Warn Gen II Trans4mer Headlamp Guards for sure fit. This durable components also bolts directly into the Gen II Trans4mer Grille Guard. Mounting hardwares are also included.

Receiver Bracket Kit

To be used with either the Warn Receiver Shackle or Warn Multi-Mount System, the Warn Receiver Bracket Kit houses a 2'' receiver for the vehicle front. It matches all applications and is available in black finish.