Warn Endurance 12.0
Electric Winch

Steel Wire
80' x 3/8"
12000 lbs.

The Endurance 12.0 is Warn's revolutionary long duty cycle winch that delivers a powerful 12,000 lbs. pull strength. Warn has designed the Endurance 12.0 for extended recovery time while maintaining the winch motor at an operable temperature. The secret of the Endurance 12.0 is its cooling system that automatically ignites when allowable temperature is reached then forces air through a hose and into the winch's motor housing. This process allows the winch motor to maintain a certain temperature without disrupting its operation.

For heavy duty cycle and extreme pulls that won't compromise the job at hand, then consider equipping your truck with a Warn Endurance 12.0. The longest duty cycle winch in the market today is also available at a very special price with free shipping. Included in every Endurance 12.0 is a weather proof wired remote, durable and easy to round wire rope and comes in an all-weather sealed contractor body. The Warn Endurance 12.0 is also compatible with the Warn Wireless Control System (PN 76080).

• Remote-mount fan: Cools winch motor for longer duty cycle. Fan has automatic or manual activation
• Contactor: Sealed and water resistant. Highly reliable; handles high current and allows for long duty cycle
• Remote control: Weather resistant remote with 12' (3.7m) lead and fan activation switch
• Stainless-steel clutch lever/ hardware: Superior corrosion resistance
• 3-Stage planetary geartrain: Most reliable and efficient gear reduction system available
• Mechanical brake: Industry-leading patented brake design
• Long wire rope: 80' of 3/8" (24m of 9.5mm) durable, easy-to-wind wire rope
• Remote-mount control box: Designed to fit most winch mount bumpers
• Wireless ready: Compatible with the WARN Wireless Control System (PN 76080)
• Made in the U.S.A

Warn Endurance 12.0 Heavy Duty Electric Winch
  - WAR-73010
Price: $1,899.99 Sale Price: $1,409.99

WARN Endurance 12.0 Winch Technical Specifications
Part number: 73010
Rated line pull: 12,000 lbs. (5440 kgs) single-line
Motor: Series-Wound 4.6 hp 12V
Electrical controls: Contactor
Remote Control: Remote switch, 12 in (3.7m) lead
Geartrain: 3-Stage Planetary
Gear ratio: 261:1
Clutch (freespooling): Sliding ring gear
Brake: Automatic mechanical cone
Drum diameter/Length: 3.5 in /8.2 in (9cm/21cm)
Weight (kit shipping): 100 lbs. (45 kgs)
Rope: 80' of 3/8" (24m of 9.5mm diam.)
Fairlead: Roller
Recommended Battery: 650 CCA minimum for winching
Battery leads: 2 gauge, 72" (1.83m)
Finish: High-gloss powder coat over primer undercoating

Line Pull
Line Speed
Pull by layer
0 36.3 (11.10) 44 amps 1/12,000 (5440)
2000 (910) 13.3 (4.05) 130 amps 2/9517 (4317)
4000 (1810) 9.7 (2.96) 197 amps 3/7886 (3577)
6000 (2720) 7.6 (2.32) 259 amps 4/6732 (3054)
8000 (3630) 5.9 (1.80) 321 amps  
10000 (4540) 4.5 (1.37) 381 amps  
12000 (5440) 3.3 (1.00) 433 amps  
Above performance specs are based on first layer of drum

Winch Dimensions: 23.6" L. x 6.4" D. x 7.0" H. (594mm L. x 162.5mm D. x 178mm H.)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.0" x 4.5" (254mm x 114.3mm)