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Warn Manual Locking Hubs

WARN Locking Hubs

Q: Who COULD POSSIBLY MAKE A BETTER locking hub than THEIR inventor?

A: No-One. Warn's invention of the locking hubs back in 1930 revolutionized the automotive industry. Since then, Warn has been committed in giving the off-road enthusiast the best and dependable locking hubs that uses the excellent craftsmanship and thorough research the company is known for. Warn Locking Hubs improves fuel efficiency, added durability and are easy to install to any 4WD vehicle. There is no other brand that knows these products than the people who invented them.

We have a complete line of Warn Locking Hubs for every 4WD applications. Locking hubs are widely used for locking the front wheels to the front half shafts. And with Warn as the pioneer manufacturer of locking hubs, it is never wrong to trust their years of expertise in providing you the best and reliable locking hubs. All Warn Locking Hubs are application specific; this simply means that it work and fits perfectly into your 4WD vehicle. Shop now for the best in value and lowest priced locking hubs.
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Warn Premium Locking Hubs

Premium Manual Hubs

The WARN Premium Hub is a no-compromise hub designed for hardcore off-roader or truck owner who will accept nothing less than the industry standard in performance.

The all metal construction and ZA Alloy dial ensure years of reliable functioning. This dial requires a full 9/10ths of a turn to ensure positive engagement of the inner drive gear to the clutch ring. To make sure they stay engaged, WARN premium hubs use a thick internal wave spring and heavy dial detents.

We know our premium hubs will be used hard, so we build them to last. We're so confident, that all WARN hubs are covered by a lifetime limited warranty.

    All WARN Premium Hubs Feature:
  • 9/10 turn dial for robust engagement/disengagement.
  • Heavy detents for positive engagement.
  • Wave spring technology increases reliability over standard coil springs.
  • All metal construction.
  • ZA Alloy dial with dual seals keep contaminants out.

Warn Manual Locking Hubs

Standard Manual Hubs

WARN Standard Hubs are the ideal choice for OEM hub replacement. These are the same basic hubs Warn Industries has supplied to OEMs around the world. WARN standard hubs share many features with our premium hubs such as a 4140 steel clutch ring and inner drive gear, and a precision cast hub body.

WARN Standard Hubs are available in three styles to fit most 4WD vehicles: Internal Mount, External Mount and Flange Mount.
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