Toyota - Volant
Cold Air Intakes

Volant Cold Air Intake reduces intake of hot covering air and supports air intake by means of low-restriction gears, at the same time as giving OE or improved filtration. Volant cold air intake makes use of an altered airbox. The airbox is made up of polyethylene and routed to the exterior of the vehicle where it is capable of lifting up outside air on the Volant Cold Air Intake. This airbox that’s made up of plastic avoids transferring of the heat that comes out from the vehicle engine to the Volant Cold Air Intake, and it also accommodates the washable, reusable air filter. The Volant air Intake go by the intake air all the way through a pure silicone couplers into a polyethylene tube, that is soft for lowered Restriction. Airbox lowers heat transfer. So fasten on a volant cold air intake and experience the payback of a breath of fresh air.

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Best Features of Volant PRO Five-Layered Filter:

  • Multi-layered Oiled Media Attracts and Traps Contaminates Without Sacrificing Air Flow
  • 1 Synthetic and a cotton layer of protection
  • Volant Air Intake Design reduces air restriction
  • Increases engine output