Infiniti - Volant
Cold Air Intakes

Infinity - Volant Cold Air Intakes

Having Volant Cold Air Intake on your Infinity is like getting the best modification it could go through. Infinity may have introduced us a lot of models with different features and styles but finding the most appropriate and effective intake for it may not take too long of your time to determine. Try this Volant Cold Air Intake kit, and experience its undeniable quality performance. With the use of Volant Airbox, it converts hot air that passes through the engine to a cold dense air. It is also intended to make that air get enough opening to supply the engine with what it needs.


  • Decrease incoming air temperature
  • Increase power to engine
  • Will prolong your vehicles engine life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Produces more horsepower and better gas economy
QX56 - Volant Cold Air Intake
2004-2012 QX-56 5.6L-Volant CAI Kit w/Powercore Filter
  - VLNT-128566
Price: $573.03
Sale Price: $323.59

2004-2012 QX-56 5.6L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-12856
Price: $519.78
Sale Price: $293.52