Hummer - Volant
Cold Air Intakes

Hummer - Volant Cold Air Intakes

Let Volant Cold Air Intake get the best of you Hummer performance. If you would like to modify the performance of your Hummer, this Intake kit is the product you must buy because aside from giving the vehicle a shiny hummer intake it also offers overwhelming performance gains but will never require more money. Yes! Your Hummer’s stock Air Box might supply efficiency to its engine function by minimizing as much noise as possible and even its stock air filter can supply clean air, but with Volant Cold Air Intake Kit all these will take full advantage of these capabilities.


  • Provide Incomparable Power Increase
  • Give an Aggressive Sound
  • Optimize efficiency to the operation of the engine
  • Replace those factory tubing diameter with high-flow air filter taking their place
H2 - Volant Cold Air Intake
2003-2007 Air Box/Power Duct/Maf Sensor 6.0L
  - VLNT-45060
Price: $781.43
Sale Price: $551.59

5 In. Flange I.D 6.5 In. Base 4 In. Top 8 In. Height Round Blue Pro 5 Filters
  - VLNT-5118
4.4 / 5 based on 2 customer reviews
Price: $85.24
Sale Price: $60.17

6.5B 4.7 REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR Part Numbers: VLNT-16847, VLNT-15860

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H3 - Volant Cold Air Intake
6 In. Flange I.D 7.5 In. Base 4.75 In. Top 5 In. Height Round Blue Pro 5 Filters
  - VLNT-5120
Price: $85.24
Sale Price: $60.17

REPLACEMENT FILTER FOR Volant Cold Air Intakes FITS PARTS ENDING IN: 15635; 17540; 12640; 15857150; 15860150;