Volant Diesel Cold Air Intakes

Volant Diesel Cold Air Intake is now 40% Off and Ships Free. The Volant Diesel intakes in this section are for diesel engines only. Volant Diesel Intakes are available with the Primo Filter or the ALL NEW Powercore dry filter. Volant Diesel products are designed to push more cold air into your engine, this improves performance and increases horsepower. Volant Diesel offers the Primo Filter with additional layers of filter media to balance the extreme intake vacuum produced by diesel engines, so you know you’re giving your diesel the special treatment it deserves. The PowerCore uses advanced Ultra-Web®NanoFiberSM technology. This material is a high-quality synthetic, that won't deteriorate as easily as traditional paper element and cotton/gauze filter media, while also providing vastly improved filtration up to 99.99%. In addition, it's water resistant and never needs oiling.

Volant Diesel

Volant Diesel technology combines the Volant Diesel Intake and The Volant Air Filter to generate Cold Air for your diesel engine. A Volant Primo Filters are designed to work with diesel engines such as Chevy/GMC Duramax, Dodge Cummins, and Ford PowerStroke. Volant made this filter with new Red line diesel air filters to help customers identify the Primo Filter from Pro-5 filter which has a standard blue line air filter. Considering diesel engines’ exposure from extreme situation and environment, Volant have designed this filter capable of providing a better air flow and efficient in spite of any condition. In fact, aside from being confirmed to be one of the best air filters on the market today, this Volant Diesel Filters was examined and tested by an ISO certified facility.