Cadillac - Volant
Cold Air Intakes

Cadillac - Volant Cold Air Intakes

Increase your Cadillac engine’s efficiency and performance through the help of Volant Cold Air Intake. This intake kit has the ability to provide coolest air to your engine to maximize its power. Many Aftermarket Cold Air intake systems that promise and claims of increased engine efficiency and performance but only Volant have proven the realness of what they have been offering to the customers. They have focus on the parts of the intake that supplies turbulence to diminish air resistance. An intake tube is utilized to provide constructive pressure at speed. This Volant Cold Air Intake has a filter which gives cooler air from the front and sides of the engine. Dirt lessens the quality of the performance of every intake system’s filter, that’s the reason why Volant made their filers washable so it always works at its best performance.


  • Decrease incoming air temperature
  • Increases power to your engine
  • Prolong vehicle engine life
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to install
CTS - Volant Cold Air Intake
2002-2003 CTS 3.2L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15632C
Price: $490.95
Sale Price: $277.24

2004-2005 Ctsv 5.7L-Volant Cai Kit
  - VLNT-15857150
Price: $543.19
Sale Price: $306.74

2004-2006 CTS 3.6L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15636C
Price: $486.35
Sale Price: $274.64

2008-2009 CTS 3.6L-Volant CAI Kit w/Powercore Filter
  - VLNT-415536
Price: $426.22
Sale Price: $300.86

Escalade - Volant Cold Air Intake
1999-2001.5 Escalade 5.7L- Volant CAI Kit w/Powercore Filter
  - VLNT-150576
Price: $573.03
Sale Price: $323.59

1999-2001.5 Escalade 5.7L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15957
Price: $472.98
Sale Price: $267.09

2001.5-2007 Escalade/Ext/Esv 6.0L-Volant CAI Kit w/Powercore Filter
  - VLNT-151536
Price: $573.03
Sale Price: $323.59

2001.5-2007 Escalade/Ext/Esv 6.0L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15153
Price: $543.19
Sale Price: $306.74

2006-2008 Escalade/Ext/Esv 6.2L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15253
Price: $574.93
Sale Price: $324.67

2007-11 Chevy/GM All Engines 4.8/5.3/6.0/6.2L
  - VLNT-725253
Price: $50.87
Sale Price: $35.91

2007-2008 Escalade/Ext/Esv 6.2L-Volant CAI Kit w/Powercore Filter
  - VLNT-152536
Price: $620.80
Sale Price: $350.57

6 In. Flange I.D 7.5 In. Base 4.75 In. Top 8 In. Height Round Blue Pro 5 Filters
  - VLNT-5119
Price: $85.24
Sale Price: $60.17

For CAI Kit Part#: VLNT-15153
Cold Air Scoop for VLNT-15153
  - VLNT-35853
Price: $150.31
Sale Price: $106.10

Volant Cold Air Scoop Engine: 4.8/5.3/6.0L Year: 1999-2006

SRX - Volant Cold Air Intake
2004-2008 SRX 4.6L-Volant CAI Kit w/PRO-5 Filter
  - VLNT-15946C
Price: $554.88
Sale Price: $313.35