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Vision Wheels 25% Off and $40 Cash Back on Sets of 4 or 5 Wheels & Free Shipping! Vision Wheels has been producing premium-quality custom after-market wheels for over 34 years. Customers are sure to receive only the best products from Vision Wheels. The Vision Wheels 2013 catalog promises to showcase more than 20 new wheel styles and 47 finishes along with an expansion of sizes to a variety of existing styles. Vision Rims goal is to be the nations best supplier of custom after-market wheels. Vision Wheel showcases a top-notch, industry-leading lineup that sets the standard in 2013 and beyond. Vision offers premiun quality wheels designed by American Craftsmen and manufactured to the Highest Standards, creating fashion and style in every wheel they make.

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Vision Wheels look beyond the current trends and to the future in developing, manufacturing and distributing wheels that set future trends. Vision Wheels' Vision, Millani and V-tec brands continue to grow, with the sole purpose of delivering high-performance products to customers.

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When you’re modifying your truck or SUV, there can be a battle when deciding which wheel company to go with, especially if you are an off-roader. Once you start pushing your truck to the extremes, you can’t skimp on a quality set of wheels. Most enthusiasts tend to invest in a company that has been around for some time. Vision Wheels has been supplying the United States with high-quality wheels for more than 30 years. Click Here to Find Out Why Vision Wheels Have Stood the Test of Time.

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