V-Twin Windshields

V-Twin Bike Windshields

Achieve a new height of motorcycle protection, security and style with V-Twin Windshields. These aftermarket products are engineered and designed to perfectly fit a large number of Harley or V-Twin applications without burning their owners' pockets. Modern technology revolutionized the birth of highly stylish yet effective V-Twin Windshields.

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Motorcycle Windshields are built to withstand any objects that may fly towards the rider while on the road. There are a variety of sizes and a wider range of styles to complement the bike’s individual look and style. When looking to get the perfect windshield for any ride, enthusiasts and riders should make sure that when sitting on the bike, the topmost part of the windscreen or windshield should be at level with the tip of the nose. This will ensure that the rider will be able to maintain an unobstructed view of the road and also allow the air to deflect over and around the rider’s head to increase the ride’s aerodynamic capabilities.

While on the road, a windshield is the only barrier that separates the rider from any debris or objects on the road. It serves primarily as a deflector so no flying objects, bugs, and the wind will not harm the rider in any way. Windshields may also contribute to the aerodynamics of any V-Twin or Harley and greatly improve its performance while on the road.

Windshields are important components to any type of motorcycle whether it is a cruising bike or a v-twin or Harley. There are different kinds of applications for motorcycle windshields. Some windshields are permanently mounted on the bike and some come with a quick release system.

There are essential points that enthusiasts and owners alike should know when on the go for buying motorcycle windshields. These are Height, Tint, and Durability. First, the windshield should have the necessary height to properly deflect any oncoming objects that may hurt the rider. Secondly, tint should also be considered because it may affect the rider’s condition while riding. If the tint on the windshield is too dark, the rider’s vision might be compromised when in low lighted areas and more so during the night. Light tinted windshields may also reflect the sun during daytime and may make it difficult for the rider to see the road. Lastly, the durability or toughness of the windshield should be at least shatter-proof for it to be an efficient component. Windshields are often made of high-impact acrylic plastic as this is a highly durable material.