V-Twin Levers

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The levers on Harley and V-Twin Motorcycles are usually mounted on the bike’s handlebars to provide an easy reach for the riders. Some levers are made to be integrated into the shifting mechanisms of the Harley and V-Twin motorcycle but some levers can be customized according to the rider’s specifications.

Brake levers come in many styles and designs to complement the diverse braking systems of various motorcycles available on the market today. A Lever is one of the three main braking components of most V-Twin motorcycles today. The brake lever functions basically as a mechanism responsible in transmitting or applying the brake signal.

Give Harley and V-Twin Motorcycles an improved appearance by installing the right additional components that it needs. With the best motorcycle parts and components, boosting the performance and power of any Harley or V-Twin Motorcycle becomes easy and more effective. Complement any V-Twin application with high-grade and top quality accessories to enhance the performance and personality of the bike.