V-Twin Handlebars

Achieve a ride with a more customized look and superior performance by purchasing from our huge mixture of V-Twin Handlebars. Each V-Twin Handlebar is unique in style, design, color, material, and manufacturer. Motorcycle buffs will definitely spot for the right pair of handlebars that will perfectly mesh with their Harley or V-Twin motorcycle. Take a hold of the best prices on V-Twin Handlebars from us.

Handlebars primarily function as the steering mechanism for the motorcycle but it doesn’t just stop there. The handlebar also supports the weight of the rider and is also a mount for various controls such as the brake, throttle and clutch. There are many types of motorcycle handlebars but for Harley and V-Twin applications, one of the most popular type is the Ape Hangers which rises far above the mounting location and riders reach up to use them.

You probably cannot find a better way both to make your bike unique and to get the best fit than to replace the stock handlebars on your bike. No matter if it's low, wide, short or tall, there's a handlebar that suits your needs. Currently there are a myriad of handlebars from which to choose. In order to properly select the handlebars that work best, you need to know exactly what you are shopping for and what options are available.

First, research the market to find out what handlebars are available, make yourself familiar with the different features, styles and costs. Second, examine your personal requirements in handlebars.

Handlebars are much more than just a steering apparatus, they are also a large factor in the comfortable feel of the bike. Handlebars are also an important part of the overall image that you and your bike will exude. You will need to choose a set of handlebars that fits the impression you want to put across on your machine.

The first part of handlebar research is to investigate all that is available in the way of handlebars. The range of options can seem daunting, but you can make a good start by familiarizing yourself with the following important features:
  • Handlebar Conversion:
    This is the term associated with any kind of complete handlebar replacement job. In many cases, the riser (the top part of the front forks where handlebars connect to the bike) will require replacement or some alteration to satisfy your level of comfort. In the case of heated grips, you may have to drill additional holes or use special components. Any such work falls under “handlebar conversion”.

  • Low Handlebars:
    Some riders prefer a more aggressive riding posture, leaning forward and cutting down on wind resistance. Low handlebars allow riders to achieve this result, provided that they are riding a motorcycle that can allow it and are able to alter the riser if necessary.

  • High Handlebars:
    It's generally accepted that an upright sitting posture provides the best level of comfort and the least level of strain on the wrists and arms. Perfect for touring. For long journeys, high handlebars may be the the proper choice.

  • Custom Handlebars:
    There are literally hundreds different kinds and configurations of custom handlebars but the main things to keep in mind with choosing any of these designs are the levels of comfort and control. If you can't confidently operate the motorcycle, you can expect problems down the road.
If you have previously used a particular set of handlebars, decide what was right or wrong about them. You may be looking for a set exactly like it, hoping to upgrade, or even trying to avoid any particular features that you found to be inconvenient. Other factors such as the thickness of the grips or the width of the handlebars should be considered. Make sure you know exactly what you need and don't settle for less, otherwise you could find yourself in pain during your ride.

It's possible to replace the handlebars without changing anything else on your bike. If you want to avoid additional modifications (and additional costs), this is probably the best option. If you find the handlebars that you prefer, you might need to do some work on them to get them to fit properly. You may need to adjust the riser to allow greater comfort and control. When you aren't comfortable, you aren't completely focused on your riding and that can lead to safety issues or in the worst case scenario accidents, or at the very least, give an unsatifactory riding experience. Without control, you won't have much fun or get very far. Safety is very important on motorcycles. Maximizing your safety should start with confident control.