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The Undercover Tonneau is Made in the USA by American Craftsmen. We think that is important, and speaks to the Quality of the Undercover Product. UnderCover truck bed covers are lightweight, strong, durable, and are built to last a lifetime. Designed to enhance appearance and increase functionality, UnderCover will transform your ride into a multi-functional machine. We are proud to offer you the Lowest Prices and Free Shipping on UnderCover truck bed covers. Browse through and find a cover that is right for your vehicle. Count on Huge Savings with Great Service!

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Undercover Tonneau Articles and Reviews
Undercover Articles and Reviews
According to Undercover, “Our long term goal, from the very beginning, was to build a company that served the needs of our customers and set the standard for high product quality, superior customer service and value.” Based on their products and the way they are produced, we can see just how serious Undercover is about quality products. Come check out everything you need to know about Undercover here.
Undercover Flex Articles and Reviews
For more than a decade, Undercover Tonneau Covers have been providing customers with the very best. Now, the premier branch of Undercover is Undercover Flex. The Undercover Flex branch brings the same type of excellence that we have all grown to expect from this distinguished company. This Flex variation, however, has added a spice of modernity and versatility to the equation. Come check out more here.

UnderCover Truck Covers

  • Undercover Elite UnderCover Elite The All New Elite Cover by Undercover leaves every other tonneau cover in the dust! The Elite by UnderCover is the most refined UnderCover to date. It is meticulously designed, engineered and produced, but it's the remarkable features that set it apart.
  • Undercover Classic UnderCover Classic The UnderCover Classic Truck cover is stronger and lighter than fiberglass, features a textured surface and classic lines that form a tight fit around the bed when locked to protect valuable cargo from weather and theft.
  • Undercover Flex UnderCover Flex The UnderCover Flex Truck cover combines the best of both worlds, the security of a hard locking cover and the convenience of a soft cover. No other cover can match Flex for versatility, security, and function.
  • Undercover SE UnderCover SE The UnderCover SE Truck Cover features the same strong and lightweight construction and textured surface as the Classic but has a sportier design with directional ribs and a subtle spoiler. The UnderCover SE also features a single point twist lock that secures the entire cargo area in one motion, without requiring a separate tailgate lock.
  • Undercover SE Smooth UnderCover SE Smooth The UnderCover SE Smooth Tonneau cover has the same sport design as the SE, but has a smooth surface that is ready to paint to perfectly match the factory color of any truck! Now customers can get the body matching style previously only available with inferior, heavy, expensive fiberglass bed covers but with the quality, strength and feather weight of an UnderCover Tonneau!
  • Undercover SwingCase UnderCover SwingCase The UnderCover SwingCase provides convenient, secure, out-of-the-way storage. It also provides an easy access by swinging out over the tailgate without reaching and with just over 1.5 cubic feet of storage and a weight rating of 75 lbs, owners can squeeze a lot of gear into this very handy little tool box.

UnderCover Tonneau Covers

UnderCover tonneau covers set the standard for truck bed covers. Every UnderCover tonneau cover is made from a specially developed ABS composite that is stronger, lighter and more affordable than any other hardshell tonneau cover on the market. UnderCover tonneau covers are designed for a quick no-drill installation and can easily be removed and stored in minutes. UnderCover tonneau covers weigh in at 58 lbs for most models but can support many times that weight with their patented "x-effect" reinforced design.

With an UnderCover tonneau cover installed drag drops greatly, resulting in a 12-14% gain in fuel efficiency. This means that an UnderCover tonneau cover will literally pay for itself over time! UnderCover now offers three models to choose from: The UnderCover Classic , The UnderCover SE, and the UnderCover SE Smooth tonneau cover.

Don't forget to pick up your UnderCover SwingCase for easy and convenient storage that doesn't sacrifice bed space and is always within reach. UnderCover tonneau covers are the finest hardshell tonneau covers available and the only hardshell tonneau cover to seriously consider if style, cost, ease of installation and removal, strength and a lifetime of rugged durability are a factor! Get your UnderCover tonneau cover today!