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has been transforming the aftermarket industry with creative tarping concepts that revolutionized how we utilize the bed of our trucks. Designed around functionality, TruXedo® Tonneau Covers are durable and resilient to extreme weather temperatures. Any TruXedo® Tonneau offers easy accessibility to the bed of the truck and can transform within seconds for the full, open truck bed. TruXedo® uses only high quality materials to deliver only top-notch products!
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Truxedo TruXport Tonneau Covers
soft roll-up

TruXedo TruXport

incorporates industrial strength, integrated components for fast-installation and easy use, continuous Velcro® closure, a 5 year warranty, and unmatched low pricing to make it the highest quality and most budget-friendly tonneau cover available.

Truxedo Edge Tonneau Covers
soft roll-up

TruXedo Edge

has a newly engineered arched-back sleek aerodynamic shape, so it saves money on fuel. Edge is weather sealed on all 4 sides, takes less than 20 minutes to install (no drills needed) inside the truck bed, and has a 5 Year warranty.

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Tonneau Covers
soft roll-up

TruXedo Lo-Pro QT

is the single best-selling tonneau cover on the market in North America. It's sleek and neat, has industrial strength leather grain fabric and is also available with an Optional Embossed Harley Davidson Logo.

Truxedo Deuce Tonneau Covers
folding roll-up

TruXedo Deuce

allows quick access to the front or rear of the truck bed because it's the first & only soft roll-up, folding tonneau cover combination. Deuce is completely weather sealed, simple to install, and has a lifetime warranty.

Truxedo TonneauTraX Tonneau Covers
roll-up + cargo rail

TruXedo TonneauTraX

was engineered not just to be a tonneau cover, but to also incorporate a heavy duty cargo-management system. This robust tonneau cover also has automatic tension control to keep the tarp tight in any weather.

Truxedo TonneauMate
tonneau toolbox

TruXedo TonneauMate

is mounted to, and rests below the bed-rails and hides beneath the tonneau cover while still giving full use of the floor of the truck bed. A perfect match for the Deuce and Lo Pro QT, it also works with other tonneau covers.

Truxedo Stake Pocket Covers
pocket caps

TruXedo Stake Pocket Covers

are a quick and easy way to close and clean up those open stake pockets with a flat sleek appearance. They help to keep weather and debris out of the pockets, as well as the bed, and simply snap into place. They come 4 in a set.

TruXedo Articles and Reviews
Soft Roll Up or Folding Roll Up, Which Truxedo Tonneau Cover Suits You?
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As a truck driver you want a tonneau cover that will work well, install easily, last long and look good while doing it. If you are as keen on picking a tonneau cover as you would be when fitting into a new tux then Truxedo tonneau covers should be your ultimate choice. They are roll up tonneau covers that are made with premium materials that have the qualities of a long lasting truck cover.
The Winning Elements behind Truxedo’s  Advanced Tonneau Covers
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Truxedo tonneau covers are a bit more innovative than what we have been used to in the Tonneau cover industry. Truxedo prides itself in developing creative tarping concepts to meet the end user’s convenience at every angle. They even consider it a technological art. The features of each cover are diverse enough to provide functionalities and preference for a variety of drivers.
TruXedo Adds Some Class To Tonneau Covers
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One of the most difficult things about owning a truck is that members of high society may often snub you. Because of the rough and tough look of trucks, it can be hard to shake off the blue-collar connection with the versatile automobile. Even though trucks look right at home on the jobsite, many enthusiasts insist on using them as daily drivers and driving them to exclusive events and concerts. Luckily, there is now an easy way to add some class to your truck while providing an added level of security to the bed. TruXedos, the luxury tonneau cover brand, has recently released some new products for enthusiasts who wish to increase the allure of their vehicles. CLICK HERE to read more about TruXedo products.
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TruXedo® Tonneau Cover

For more than 50 years the TruXedo® has led the industry with new and innovative tarping concepts that emphasize operator safety and convenience, product quality and durability – with a style and appearance that they themselves would be proud to put on their own trucks. They are a great accessory for your truck that will add functionality and enhance its' overall appearance. These covers will maximize the purpose of your truck by adding additional storage space that's protected from the weather and other people. The ability to switch back and forth from hauling to having a secure compartment makes a tonneau cover an ideal piece of equipment for your vehicle.

TruXedo® offers several different types of tonneau covers. Use the TruXedo® Tonneau Covers Comparison Chart to valuate what purpose you would like your tonneau cover to serve and make your purchase based on those needs. Whether you choose the Original, Truxport, TonneauTraX, or any other TruXedo® tonneau cover, we know you will be well satisfied with your purchase. All covers are easy to install and require NO drilling into the body or bed of your truck. Also, with gas prices on the rise people are looking at options to increase fuel economy without reducing power, and can improve your gas mileage up to 10 percent.

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If TruXedo® isn't what you are looking for, then check out our Complete Line of tonneau covers from top manufacturers.
TruXedo® Tonneau Cover Comparison Chart
TonneauTraX Deuce Edge TruXport Original
Tonneau Type Soft Roll-Up Soft Roll-Up/
Cargo Rail
Soft Roll-Up/
Soft Roll-Up Soft Roll-Up Soft Roll-Up
Exclusive Features Quick Attach Header, Auto Tension Control & Low Profile Integrated Cargo Management System Front Access & Exclusive Hinged Design New Cutting Edge Design Economical Price 90° Rails & Auto Tension Control
Warranty Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 5 Years 5 Years Lifetime
Tension Control Auto Auto Auto Manual Pre-Set Auto
Drill Install No No No No No No
Mounting Inside Inside Inside Inside Top Inside
Latching System Driver's Side Latch w/ Easy, One Finger Trigger Driver's Side Latch w/ Easy, One Finger Trigger Independent Front Release & One Rear Driver's Side Latch Driver's Side Latch w/ Easy, One Finger Trigger Dual Side Latching Driver's Side Latch w/ Easy, One Finger Trigger
Fabric Industrial Strength Leather-Grain Industrial Strength Leather-Grain Industrial Strength Leather-Grain Industrial Strength Leather-Grain Industrial Strength Leather-Grain Industrial Strength Leather-Grain
Colors Available Yes Yes Yes No No No
Custom Applications Yes No No No No No
Cover Height Above Rails Approx. ¾" Approx. ¾" Approx. ¾" Approx. 1½" Approx. 1½" Approx. 1½"