TruXedo Adds Some Class To Tonneau Covers

TruXedo manufactures bed tonneaus, which if you’re not familiar with the term, are quality truck bed covers that shield the rear of the vehicle from harmful weather conditions and thieves’ eyes.

Since the introduction of the original TruXedo in 2000, TruXedo has led the industry with new and innovative tonneau covers. From Fords to Toyotas, if your truck has a bed on it, there is a good chance that TruXedo makes a tonneau to fit your vehicle. For more than a decade, the truck accessory company has been delivering fine tonneau covers to enthusiasts who appreciate quality products.

Unlike cheap imitators, the TruXedo is in a class of its own when it comes to covering the beds of trucks. For years, it was a common occurrence that if you had a tonneau cover on your truck, you could expect mold, leaks and eventually some torn material. Remember those old covers you would toss over outdoor Jacuzzis to keep them warm? Yep. Older truck tonneau covers were made from the material.

I have had a TruXedo cover for just under four years,” says Justin, a Floridian. “It has been an amazing cover on my 2000 tundra, always works perfect and has never leaked. I have had my truck bed filled when I was moving home from college and we had a three day tropical storm...not one drop of water was in the bed!”

The difference between TruXedos and the competition is the amount of fine detail that goes into each product. At TruXedo, each cover is made to fit your specific truck, so there is no cutting, trimming or drilling required installing it. In fact, one person can install each cover and it takes less than half an hour to do it. Once installed, enthusiasts can appreciate the allure and functionality of the covers.

For 14 years, truck owners have been using the original TruXedo on their vehicles with great success. Due to the company’s growth, though, they have had the opportunity to innovate their initial design and produce a new lineup of tonneau covers. Recently, TruXedo introduced the TruXedo Deuce and the TruXedo Lo Pro QT.

Checking Out The Full Line of TruXedo Designs

TruXport: Fast, affordable and comes with a 5-year warranty. What’s not to love? The TruXport is a budget friendly tonneau cover that keeps tight in any climate. Using high-grade Velcro, the TruXport can zip down its cover snug and can be rolled up by any man or woman.

The Edge: The newest design from TruXedo is making headlines. The Edge sports a new look with an aerodynamic shape and a tight weather seal on all four corners. Many enthusiasts have reported a gas mileage increase of up to 10%. This means that these stylish covers could pay for themselves within a year (depending on your driving habits).

Lo-Pro QT: Slide hook technology, fully open to close in 20 seconds and more seals than any other cover make this the most popular tonneau in North America. It’s super sleek design and patented tension control keeps the elements from ruining the bed of your truck while keeping your gear dry. Plus, bikers now have the option of adding the Harley Davidson Logo to be embossed on the rear of cover for a customized look!

The Deuce: This is the Mac Daddy of all tonneau covers. The Deuce is made from the highest grades of materials for use in frigid winters or blistering hot summers. It is the first and only soft roll-up, folding tonneau cover on the aftermarket and features a lifetime warranty on every piece of the cover, including the top fabric. So, if you need a cover that will last as long your truck, look no further than The Deuce.

For nearly two decades, TruXedo has been making a name as a luxury tonneau cover brand. However, enthusiasts should note that every one of their products is made to perform in grueling conditions and to take the abuse that every truck owner dishes out to their machines. And, the covers require no extra maintenance (just handwash with mild soap and rinse off). So, if you’re looking for an easy, affordable way to bring luxurious look to your truck, while protecting the bed and supplies in the rear of your vehicle, be sure to try on a new TruXedo.

If you’re still unsure about which TruXedo tonneau cover is right for you, be sure to ask the truck experts at by calling 813-769-2451. The gearheads are more than happy to answer any questions about any of the variety of truck bed covers that we carry in our catalogue

By Sean Bowes
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