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Traxxas is Now 20% Off. Traxxas has been the leading name in radio controlled vehicles since 1986. Traxxas offers a huge array of models, some capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph! The first Traxxas models were designed as "stadium trucks" for off road action, and over the years Traxxas has grown to present a huge array of styles including over 35 models of cars and trucks each available in a variety of color combinations. Also offering boats, Traxxas sets the benchmark for marine RC performance. Though Traxxas RC products are ready for fun right out of the box, they are also capable of deep customization including power upgrades for even more jaw dropping top speeds. Be sure to check out our selection of Traxxas accessories, batteries and motors to take your RC passion to the limit. Buy Traxxas from 4WheelOnline Lowest Prices!

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Traxxas Radio Control

Traxxas is the pinnacle of radio controlled vehicle design, balancing out of the box ease of operation with sophisticated engineering feats like push button locking differentials and monster motors capable of propelling the vehicle to speed in excess of 100 mph. Traxxas pushes the limits of RC performance in ways that no imitator could dream of, if you want the real thing choose from one of Traxxas mind boggling array of vehicles. From Monster Truck, to Supercar, to Speed Boat, Traxxas has the model to fit your skill level and passion. All Traxxas vehicles can be deeply customized by adding high performance components like larger motors, higher amp batteries etc for even more performance than the already impressive out of the box capabilities. Always at the forefront of technology, only Traxxas allows you to link the remote control transmitter to an iphone for real time diagnotics with the "Traxxas Link" app. With the Traxxas Link app, you get displays for speed, battery voltage, RPM, temperature and more for a fully customizable real time dashboard. Traxxas is the pinnacle of power, control and innovation.